Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year Resolution.

This year I turned 21 and I know people my age are to be matured and ready to take all the responsibilities. But here I am writing this down with a childish heart and candid expression that I have not fully matured to be bestowed all that life has to offer. Given that I have always been a slow but a steady learner I am growing up at the same pace, same rate. The year 2012 however marks a transition phase as I feel myself more liable to be called a woman than a girl. But I am still a girl not a woman yet. This might take a few more years but I am a tiny bud that has yet to blossom. Often I know I have been an unpleasant person shunning all forms of "keep in touchs" and trying more to be in the real world with my remarks and 'bitching'. Confining myself in the reading room or the hospital wards and avoiding most of social interaction I have found knowledge but not fortitude. It has been my good fortune to have been blessed with pleasant pretty smile and an arsenal of skills that makes me almost impossible to forget, almost impossible for others not be curious about me. I am an enigma others find hard to decode. 
This year my resolution is to be more courteous to people, not that I am not. What should my real resolution is to make time for those who matter.

I have so many friends. I wish I could spend time with everyone of them. The little details, jokes, pleasantries matter. They keep you happy.

Being twenty one I am still unaware of what I feel. When I laugh at a boy/mans jokes they take me to be of a coquettish disposition but they should know that I would laugh equally aloud in the presence of a female companion. 

It is always about bettering oneself.
Of course my resolution doesn't mean I will TRY to be matured. That will come with time. What I have to better now is what I am today.

Happy new year dear readers.
May you have a great year ahead.
As of tonight I am hitting the dance floor with my friends. I love dancing. And oh what a feast my friends prepared for the new years eve! 


Rango At My Window.

Two days ago a green lizard flopped at my window. It horrified me so much I screamed for two minutes before I slid my windows shut with much indignation. Perhaps it is attracted by the cactus I have adorned my window sill with.
SO my window remains shut for the time so long it remains there and it has made quite a home of the nitch. When I would tap my window it would shift its position but now the clever reptile knows I can't touch it beyond the glass and doesn't even bat an eyelid to my taps.
My imagination is running wild.

I would not say no to Rango. :D

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Ever wished there was TWO of you.

There are so many things left to conquer, to learn, the master the art but so very little time.
I wish I had the 'Ring Of The Nine Dragons' and then I would make the two of me one for my academic self, and the other for everything else.

Enough rants for today. Do something productive but never remain idle.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Kill your self-doubt fairy.

After having drawn this, I have more respect for the artists, cartoonists and animators because even though my comic isn't strikingly perfect it took me a lot of hard work.

The message is never doubt yourself.