Thursday, July 26, 2012

When people cheat....

I came across Kristen Stewart guilty of cheating on Robert Pattinson. The first thing that struck me was "What the Hell is wrong with her? Who would cheat on a guy who looks like that?"
And of course I am sure many of you must have pictured that handsome perfect faced Pattinson distraught and heart-broken, slightly drunk too but all the while looking gorgeously sparkly!  Millions of teenage girls have been struck with those dashing vampire etiquette portrayed  in Twilight and its proceeding movies.

So lovely Kristen was having private affair with her director of Snow White And The Huntsmen! The audacity? He is 41, and she is 22. I really do not get why girls so tender in age even want to touch a man that way who is very much a father figure! I am 20 and I respect men in their 40s. They are fatherly and it makes me so sick thinking about young women atop wrinkly men! (And then I pray to the God for forgiveness even though I am an atheist).

And that's when I tsk tsk on their lives- the lives of the actors and actresses which most people think is all about glamour and money, money, money! Yes they wear new clothes every day and get the best of their make-up and go to beautiful places... But how very sad on their life behind the cameras. They are unfaithful lot. Why can't they be satisfied with just one person? Do their lust run so deep and vast that a single person is unable to fill  the void? Must they hog on every other person they work with? Have they even ever experienced real love?

That directors wife was a runway model. She is very beautiful. But even that beautiful face and figure was not sufficient for the director (seriously how much of touching beautiful woman does he want?) 

And that is when I am very thankful for being me- a normal not-sultry-glamorous med student. I know of real people with real love. I know my mom and dad, they love each other a lot and would never cheat. I know many people in real life with real happiness. They don't look like dashing and debonair extremely sexy Robert Pattinson or the extremely pretty Kristen Stewart but still they don't want anything more than just to spend their lives with each other. And we the normal people are perfectly happy with what we have. There is no need to go around having (secret) affairs of lust and carnal pleasures with numerous other people because there is this need for only one person-just that one person who can make the earth spin slower, the heart beat faster and make you the most beautiful person! I am simply concluding that I am a well mannered girl and so are most of the people I know. I am so happy to be me because in my life I would never have the need to cheat on whoever is with me.

How very sad for you movie people! Bloody ill mannered fellows.

Friday, July 20, 2012

I love love love TENNIS!

The day is beautiful. The sun is partly behind the clouds and there is no rainfall. The wind is cool and blows gently, and I especially love the way it flutters my hair. So I let it loose. 

I wear the brand new shoes my Mom bought it. It's really pretty. Pink and white and it has excellent grip. Perfect tennis shoes. I haven't gone to play tennis yet. My tennis comrades-my boyfriend and Romama are well enjoying this ten days break. He is at his home, Romama is vacationing at the Bali islands. It's like I don't need them all the time, but right now I just woke up from a really long months of reading books!

Anyway hanging out with my Bhutanese friends is so very refreshing. Yesterday we went to see a Sitar show and in the bus-what did we argue about!!?! Anatomical knowledge. Since I have been blabbering about my newly acquired Pharmacology knowledge (I told him about what drugs to use in hemorrhage) and well I have bedazzled all of my Dentist friends by telling them the order of eruption of teeth at which age (we were taught age estimation by dental records in Forensic medicine in case a rotted body has come and we need to assess the age).
And that is when the attacks on me starts- From Ashik. He asks me "Why do we get brain freeze? Tell the nerves involved!" I go like of course some palatine nerves... (Oh come on it's been so long since I last read Anatomy). Then he asks "The danger area of the face and the routes". I tell him the area and the involvement of cavernous sinus but he wants more detailed answer. (The denstists have a more intensive study of the head and the neck).My other friends like Tashi and UT who are doing Engineering are confused and go like "FACE HAS A DANGER AREA??" haha.

And we sing the rest of the journey. The musical show was fantastic. How very charming the notes of a sitar is! And the flute that was played in the back ground made me want to learn it.

Today my friends called me to the indoor stadium. And I left hopping in my pink and white tennis shoes. I wasn't really going to play basketball (I have left two of my friends with contusions on their faces while playing the game). And indeed when I was in the stadium I missed holding my racquet so much. I wanted to go outdoors in the tennis arena and listen to the sound of the king ball being thwacked by the racquet. It's that sound I anticipate for while playing. I wanted to swing the racquet with perfect arches and chase after the green ball. Balance my footing and swing at the hips (like my coach says).And hit a smash-wait--I can't hit a smash yet! I never manage to hit a ball that comes high.

 I shall go from tomorrow. 

I held the basketball once and everyone- I mean EVERYONE just stops moving and waits for me to shoot at the basket! That makes me really nervous because I know I am going to miss the shot. But still I shoot- and I miss it. And I come out cursing!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How I discovered my Doctor handwriting?

There have had been plenty to write this past week and this week too, and much to study. Not to forget my lost record book that I had to rewrite all over. I would like to thank my friends for helping me with the record. 
  • Class CR for getting me the blank new record.
  • Shivu,Ashik, Romama, Sumi for writing and drawing.

And after that I had numerous experiments left to be written in my Pharmacology  (study of medicines) record. And out of frustration I did a this..... Wait my handwriting has always been this way...

But that night I was running out of time. I had a deadline and a million words to study. The pressure was building up and then that was it! The very last of my endurance dried up. And I scribbled all over. SCRIBBLED! Yes I call it scribbling!
And that is how I discovered my doctor handwriting. It saves a lot of time. 

I think the Pharmacology lecturer made us write all of these so that we would "discover" the hidden scribbl I mean calligraphy in us!

This is how the lecturer would be feeling!
Yes dear lecturer you succeed yet again. 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Just One More to Go!

The Forensic Medicine grand viva and practicals got over today and I feel free. Now there is only Pharmacology left.  
The skies  look blue once more and there is joy at the sight of green trees. The clouds make more meaning and I am a bird who just found that wings are meant for letting you to fly...
I have decided I shall never take up Forensic Medicine as my major subject later on. (See I am already streamlining my options.) 
So while I feel all wonderful and like a bird who can fly, I shall remain oblivious to the fact that the results haven't been declared yet. There have been many a times that MBBS slapped me right  on the face.  Months of preparation sometimes prove to be insufficient and retaining a lot of information in the head seems like a near impossible task. But you can't quit now or not anytime. 

But right now I am off to watching a movie. And the air around me feels great!

pe@cE- Dr. Diksha

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Say what! I did not do that!

Yesterday we had practical revision class on Microbiology. Let me enumerate some fact de essentails about the Micro department here. It is the nastiest department where 100 students are stuffed in a tiny room at once (in other department it is 50 students each in one room), plus the Bunsen burner(a fire source) is kept on most of the time for experiments-which means the fans are turned off(it's very hot here with temperature reaching around 30-40 degree Celsius). And to top it all the faculty members are super NASSSTY ( I am saying that with a twisted tongue). They are altogether despicable because they cannot withstand even 1 decibel of sound and so we have proceed the experiments or observations in utter silence (with a funeral like procession). It is not like that in other departments.
So what did I do yesterday? There were around 60 different culture media and bacteria and fungus grown on them. The solid media look so attractive. Red, and a sea-green, some lavender and a blue and a shiny metallic sheen (you know what I mean). I could not contain myself and so I opened the Petri dish(the plate where bacteria is grown) lid and touched the chocolate agar and then the blood agar. The sweat and grime and so many bacteria/fungi on display!
Chocolate agar media for growing bacteria.

Now I have really long hair. A few strands got in my tongue and I bit them off accidentally so that bits of some hair were left in my tongue. My gag reflex was activated and I was left with trying to expel it from my mouth. A cough like protective action. YUCK! I went outside. I had to take it out immediately or I knew I was going to vomit so my natural reflexes allowed me to put my hands in my mouth and take out the hair bits.

EWW EWW EWW! I had been touching the culture media! I spit it out (I know it is dirty) and then went back to the laboratory.
After coming back to my room I brushed my teeth three times.
Doesn't it look attractive?
I think I have developed some ulceration on my tongue because it feels a little uncomfortable (and this is hypochondriasis).

pE@ce. Dr. Diksha.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

On the great despondency of losing my Microbiology record~

I am posting some borin artistic or rather lilac-tonous diagrams of Pathology record. (I am just keeping it uploaded here so that I can come back here anytime and see what a mess I drew in these days).
First I don't know what to do - Because I have to submit the Microbiology record the next week and it comprises of some (vital) scores I need in order to make it through second year! 

I am whistling and making paper planes out of Smokin' Joes ad paper and tossing them over to (my enemies) room. (Cus they said looking at the bright side is the key to a happy living).

Yep the constitution said that medical students need to be mentally fit as well as their artistic sides should be fine and polished. (I am making that up).

I suppose these are my best ones. Aren't they lilac-tonous? :D

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Monday, July 2, 2012

Examination goofs.

(Precaution- Medical jargon avalanche).
I am back to writing again. My theory papers are over and I feel elated even though my final paper today was a complete disaster.
So let me start with the first subject that I had to face- Pathology (study of diseases)- This subject I had prepared for and all I can say is that I will pass. I suppose we all get a little bit over confident at times and so I cannot be blamed for my silliness.

I wrote a 7 page long answer for a question and in its entire content the term used was wrong. And I wrote it with so much of confidence. I used the term "pallor"(instead of rubor) to describe redness that occurs on the skin. Confidence generated by the ward duty and nearly 2 years of reading Robbins has lead me to this. If any medical student is reading this, please note that "P" for pallor= Pale! "R" for redness= Rubor. 
Another notable goof is that I answered that succinylcholine is administered in Cesarean section delivery so that the woman can "actively" participate in the process! WHAT WAS THAT!?! Anyone with enough common sense would know that a woman is unconsciousness during a Cesarean section.
All I can say is that we had a good laugh.

Today it ended with Forensic Medicine and Toxicology paper. Now for the rest of the subjects I have had prepared well and I have done it up to the mark too. But this is the subject neglected by many because of the laws of the IPCs and Sections blah blahs involved in it. I mean to say I never read the book. 
And I realised the FMT textbook is in fact the most interesting textbooks in my history of all the text books I have come across that the night before examination I read the chapter "PERVERSIONS AND DEVIATIONS" that was not not included in the syllabus. (But at least now I am equipped with a lot of verbal abusive complex words in my arsenal that I can use on people I dislike).
But nothing beats this.
Lochia= Post-prandial secretions.

P.S did I mention that I left the microbiology paper in a hurry so that I could empty my bowels? Yes I did.