Saturday, January 28, 2012

The 63rd Republic Day.

A foggy morning it was when my boyfriend calls me up asks me to come to the 'ground'. I wasn't taking part in anything, least was I even an Indian to celebrate this day. But my boyfriend is and he wanted me to take pictures. I had slept at 4 AM and he was calling me at 7!
With heavy eyes I get ready and luckily reach there by 8 AM. I was the only Bhutanese and I had a big camera with me which drew a lot of unnecessary attention. But nevertheless the day turned up very good....

The fog was dense blurring the vision even at a short distance. So I tried adjusting the camera. I wanted vibrant image with fog in the background.  This is how it turned out. 

When its the Republic day a special chief guest is invited every year in India based on diplomatical maintenance of relationship between the nations. The Bhutanese government has been invited thrice for the occasion. This year the Thailand PM Yinluck Shinawatra was invited. 
Whereas here in my college a lot of renowned people visit and go. The chief guest of the day was the noted Indian author Ruskin Bond. He is of British origin. I racked my brain to remember having read anything written by him and then the by-gone days of grade 10 flooded  into my mind. I have read "The Eyes Have It". It's sad I haven't read any other books by him. Next time I hit the bookstore I am going buy his books.
Carrying the big camera in hand I took his pictures a lot of them, but I was afraid to try the manual settings and therefore stuck to auto settings. 

The parade session followed. Most of the performances were about Woman Empowerment (the same theme as the 99th Indian Science Congress).
Fog disappeared and bright hot sun instead filled the sky. And I mean filled! 

Today I walk around I hear people especially boys shouting "Camera Woman". Oh well. I will have to live with the new name but honestly my photographs aren't as good as I want it to be.

Tomorrow I am attending an Indian wedding. I am so very excited because this is the very first wedding I am attending excluding the wedding that Seeksha and I broke into when I was in Thimphu.

Life is good.

Monday, January 23, 2012

The troubling trouble.

The last post I wrote was about the huge water fight mishap.

Today was like any Monday, for medicine students. Today is Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose's birthday and those of you who know history must be knowing his birthplace is here in the city of Cuttack. Cuttack is in Orissa. I am expecting my sister to know this fact since we read this in a museum when we were in Andaman Islands. But I know very well that Anniesha wouldn't remember all these little boring details. :P
So all the branches in this college got a day off today except for us the medical students. And waking up knowing that was depressing.
Tennis lessons had a day off too so I slept the entire morning. I had spent the previous night partying with my friends. It was a birthday celebration. We had lots of food and cakes and chocolates and THE drink. (Winks). I don't drink myself but it is always amusing to watch people get drunk and lose control over their senses and blurt out stupid secrets.

Classes got over at 3 PM today unlike the usual 5 PM. So we heartily came back to our rooms. And after that I went out on a date with my boyfriend. I met my friends again for a little birthday gathering at the B-Tech Campus where the grass is green and the air is clean. My bhutanese friends have got in the frenzy of playing CHUNKI for reviving their golden school days when they were back in Bhutan. I personally dislike the game. For my highest score is a single digit four!

After that Debashish(my boyfriend) and I buy an M-SEAL. It is a mixture that is supposed to be very adhesive and holds two forceful surfaces together. I needed it to hang my mosquito net from the ceiling.

When I return to my hostel there is the warden in her office and my friends and the other people of my block are in her office. They lady at the reception tells me to go to my room and wear full pants (for I had been wearing quarter pants).
I go to my room and find a note along with a PSS brand key chain on my bed saying "PSS loves Franklin". Let me code this guy I hate as PSS. And Franklin is my teddy bear whom I love very much. PSS is a son of a rich man and he owns wealthy enterprises and so few days ago PSS had given me a diary with his name, a key chain with his name and a calendar with his name on it). As you get it PSS is a little too obsessed with himself .
My friends have been teasing me with PSS since then.
The note was left by Smruti P. Mishra.

After I find that note my mind sets to work and then I take a little bit of M-SEAL and I sneak into Smruti's room climb on the window and I seal that darn key chain on her ceiling. HEHEHE.

And I go immediately to the warden's office where she is scolding/ disparaging/ reprimanding the people in my block. Turns out the very recluse people complained that 2 buckets of soapy oily water had been thrown into their room and one of them supposedly slipped badly!
All because I had thrown a little water balloon on Smruti and accidentally hit their door but no one knew about it.
And after that we come back to our room and laugh.
And laugh even more on seeing the key chain hung on Smruti's ceiling.
Well after that I can't tell you here...

I have got to study now.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The trouble today.

I live in a hostel.
Hate it or like it, you have to live it- and live it thoroughly.

Today I was washing my cooker at lunch time. Smruti P Mishra is this girl who stays adjacent to my room. We are great friends and she is one person you will never like to get angry at because she is such a darling.
But then she came from behind and did the fake vampire thingy and I warned I would douse her with water if she continued. And like always she did continue and just like always I kept my words and squeezed the saturated washing sponge on her and her head was wet with soapy water.

Every action has equal and opposite reaction. But among my group friends it goes like "every action has far greater reaction."

And so she took a big container full of water and chased me around. I ran my best. I ran throughout the entire ground floor of this hostel with the washing sponge. I know I looked ridiculous.
Then I retreated to this girls room which was open at that time. I crawled into her blanket and kept a laptop over me. So Smruti was helpless regarding throwing water at me.

But then lunch time was getting over. It was about to be 2 PM, time for another class. Smruti was determined at getting her revenge. Then she left after a long long time. I crept out of the blanket slowly and went towards my room and wham she was there standing there. And splash! She doused me with water and my whole body was wet. 

I had to change and go to class.
But that's not the full story.

Later in the evening I am sitting in my room and Swati comes to me and hands me a water balloon. She was like my 11th hour Samaritan and I took the balloon and planned on getting back at Smruti.
And when Smruti was standing oblivious to the surrounding I atacked from behind and took my best shot and the balloon hit the nape of her neck. 
It would have been perfect had the balloon not rebounded and fallen somewhere. I go to grab the balloon as quickly as I can and launch another attack. And I hit. This time the balloon goes past her and splash! 

Hits the door of the very recluse people who live in my block. The water over flows and wets the floor and enters their room from the gap underneath the door. And by recluse I mean we don't get along with those two people very well. They are kind of reserved and spend their times all by themselves and give an uncomfortable scary atmosphere when they are around. And we have had been having lots of troubles with them in the past.

Smruti shouts. I run frantically around and then decided I would admit I hit the water balloon at their door. But to our fortuitous luck their room was locked and no one was there.
So we decide to leave the whole thing behind and end our 'vengeance" at least for today.

They came back and complained to the lady at the reception. They come around investigating! Oh my god. I admit I was afraid for a bit. It is a rare feeling. I was afraid that because of me my friends might get int trouble. I threw the water balloon. That lady questioned every one of my friend, except me. :D

Because I am so nice.

Now they have gone back without any one to blame at and god knows what they are thinking behind that locked wet door. I am scared honestly.
But it was so much fun. We all had a good laugh.  :D


The entire day feels so long and yet I can't help wishing there were extra few hours. I would do something more before the day ends. I would study, or play or learn something new , improve my shots, etc, etc, etc.

I want to do a lot of things. And not just do but do it very well. I wake up early in the morning and practice tennis. It's a whole new world out there. Tennis enthusiasts likewise come from every branch and I meet new people. The sound of the racquet clashing with the king-ball is my favourite. 
I want to be a good student. I want to study numerous medical text books and not just highlight on the "important" ones that they tell you to read for the exams. I want to be up-to-date with everything that's going on in the world of medicine. I want my head to be full of immense knowledge. I want to be easy to approach (I need to work on this) and good to the eyes. 

Good to the eyes as in I want to look great everyday. And I mean GREAT. I love dressing up and owning a big wardrobe with every kind of clothes and accessories I can muster. And I love make-up. I love the colours and the glitter and the glam. I an into maintaining a good healthy figure. And so working out the right way is essential for me.

I love reading for pleasure. I love reading novels and stories, etc, etc, etc. So I do that a lot too. I take some book along with me to lecture and while the lecturer is on his job I read the book at my own leisure. This wouldn't affect my study time with the precious medical text books later in the night.
I want to know about people, about places about everything that I come across. And I know it is not possible to know everything, but I want and want to get as much as I can.
I watch a lot of movies. I have listened to every kind of music and I like it when I can fuel some information to other people about the movies and music that I have come across.
I play guitar because I love music and it keeps my coolness high up there. And I just don't want to stop at this level. 

I read the news everyday and I like to think it feeds my brain. I literally imagine my brain eating on all that words and images. And my brain growing happier and wiser. Such a good feeling. I refer NatGeo website daily and read some articles on Wikipedia followed by some sports news and NASA astronomy website (I love astronomy). So I spend a lot of time online. But my need to know prevents me from shutting my laptop or closing a book.

I am not a bad artist. I can sketch a decent art and make it look great. I can make people's portraits and I don't want to neglect this ability of mine either.
I want to skate well. After I met this group of boys in my college who skate well I have been going skating too. I have been skating since grade 7. And I am very good at it.
With so many activities on the list it tires me very much.

Among all of these my number one priority is my family. 

Well till I get back home again let me delve myself into the world of learning. The more I learn the more I want to know and I am not going to stop at this.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sunny-Not always welcomed.

Gone are the innocent days when sunny just meant a fine weather. When sunny just was a nick name for a person.
Yes it is still a nick name till date. It is also some peoples official name, when their parents decide their child is very sociable and is capable of brightening someones day.
After the Bigg boss (Indian reality show similar to Big Brother) hit the TV screens and the participants were revealed, it sent a shock wave in all of India. Why so? Because Sunny was there to make the show much more sunnier. I bet the number of views increased. Innocent people who actually loved the show now had to know a career like porn-star exists. And maybe many children went curious on the new member in the house and saw her in the internet.
So I am talking about Sunny Leone. She is pretty I admit. She is Indo-Canadian and she is a porn star and she has fringes as of now. Just imagine the curiosity you get when you know a porn-star living in a house and what would she do? Would it create headlines?

Leaving all that apart, I have had a new hair cut. Fringes to be precise. And ever since then I have been called Sunny. Not because I am very happy and cheerful but because of my hair. Oh well. I might just embrace it. Because one boy pointed that out now pretty much everyone in class knows that. And so I hate sunny.

My closest friends call me Chinchu. Cute name isn't it? I love it I will tell you. But I would love it more had it not sounded like one of this lecturers surname whose first name is Sunny. And so every time she calls me Chinchu, they think she's pairing me up with that lecturer.

Sunny is so over rated. It's not so fine anymore.
How I miss those by-gone days when sunny was just a fine weather? Just a nick name.!

Monday, January 9, 2012

99th Indian Science Congress.

It has been a beautiful week. The beginning of 2012 has been so very eventful, now I am afraid the rest of the year might seem plain if nothing special goes on happening. Therefore fingers crossed I am going to make this year a total success too. Everyday is about bettering myself and being in a university which never stays behind the lights throughout I am hoping for more fun and experiences.
The 99th Indian Science Congress was inaugurated by the prime minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh. When I saw him with my own eyes I had to pinch myself in order to know I was not dreaming.

The next day APJ Abdul Kalam delivered his wonderful speech we were all replenished with newer, healthier energy. His elocution is faultless, so full of heart and inspiration. He inaugurated the Children Science Congress, so you can expect his nature. He made us repeat motivating phrases like "I will fly, I will fly-will you". And he reminded us with fervor that all of us are born with potential. And IMAGINATION is the beginning of CREATION. How very wonderful. At the end of his long speech we all felt that we could do wonders if we-
1. Have great aim (because he said that small aim is a crime).
2.Work hard,
3.Perseverance-Keep trying on.

SMALL AIM IS A CRIME. How ironic it sounds coming from a small man. But I will keep these words in my mind. How very deeply it has touched me. I am so very motivated and inspired. When he asked for 10 people to question him and then he gave the 15,000 of us his e-mail address we were all super thrilled. :D

The weeks after were total blast. Exhausting were the days but the experience gained will always shine on. 
I was in Orissa Mandap department. We had to put up the gallery and stalls so that the delegates would get the feel of Orissa. 
This state has incredible sand sculpture makers. If you go visit Puri beach, the place is bound to be crafted with breath-taking sand sculptures. Therefore a big sand sculpture of Konark Sun temple was made in the ground. It was certainly a grand attraction that made everyone of us wonder in amazement at how sand can hold onto such beautiful shapes!
Trust me- That sand maiden is as big as a normal adult human is. Therefore you can estimate the real size of the sand sculpture! Marvellous, isn't it? 

The science exhibition has people from all of the 29 states of India displaying their projects along with big companies pouring out their money into getting a small space for their own experimentation and exhibition of their projects.

There was a Q and A session in the very presence of Nobel laureate Richard R. Earnst. I am so very lucky to have been at the right place at the right time. I am telling 'lucky" because my university is so big and there were just 8 Nobel laureates and they would only be in certain places at certain times. So it is only a matter of chance that I happened to be where he was. The feeling of triumph I got then I will never forget it. There he sat few feet away from me telling his wonderful,incredible, amazing way of life. 
One thing I need to write is that when a kid asked him why the hair turns grey, his reply was "That's a very difficult question!".
The medical students present there, also students from other branches were disappointed. Being a nobel laureate doesn't mean you know everything! It means he knows EVERYTHING of One thing! :) He was sooo soooo sooooo amazing. I swear I wouldn't react this way to a movie celebrity. APJ Abdul Kalam and then Richard R. Earnst. WHAT A START TO 2012~~~
 That wheel was the prizes distributed to the project winners. Richard R. Earnst said, "The wheel itself symbolizes the very beginning of human civilization. It was our first invention." I took this photograph. OH GOSH! I hate the media, they think only they have the rights to take pictures and write stories. They rush forward and block our views and start their criticism. 

Many programs went on simultaneously. The medical students of my batch attended the planery session on cancer stem cells. We were just excited about it. Excited because we all know stem cells hold the future. There are so many possibilities and theories on these cells. These people were all the way from USA (you see 3 Indians, a white woman and an Asian woman). Indians they reach every part of the globe and conquer the world of academics. That's amazing about them.
The researchers for stem cells....

There were several planery sessions on all aspects of sciences-medical, mechanical, engineering, technology....everything. 
Rolf M. Zingernackel-Nobel laureate 1996

The cultural program was a grand success. It was held everyday from 4-6 PM at the amphitheater, and from 6-9 PM at the big hall which can accommodate 19,000 people at a time.And everyday was a house full. Major dance groups like PRINCE (winners of TV show INDIA'S GOT TALENT) and Harihar Das enlivened the show. Professionals performed classical Indian dances. I enjoy classical dances a lot. Many KIIT students performed brilliantly on the stage too.
PRINCE- Winner of Dance India Dance- TV show.
The woman science congress was inaugurated by Mrs. Nirupama Rao. She is the ambassador of India to United States. There were speeches on woman empowerment and how females can alleviate the society.

Apart from all of these, I am very glad despite having missed seeing 6 other Nobel laureates. But the delegates here were no less than the Nobel laureates themselves. I am so glad I am a part of this. And the college has seen dramatic changes. Me and my friends enjoyed a lot. The delegates were impressed by the university. Being a private college and just so young the founder has ensured that it holds fast to the times and everybody was in appreciation of the infrastructures, standard and hospitality.  I have made so many new friends from different branches. Now I am popular, not that I never was. 
So I guess henceforth the qualification and rank of the university has been alleviated a lot since so many dignitaries loved the university. I am happy. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Prime Minister of India.

India is a huge democratic nation. It means the same political ruler doesn't preside over a nation for much long. Not long enough to earn genuine respect or enough. In Bhutan the King is above all the KING! He is at the top and we mean it from our heart genuinely. Here in India the political leaders have to stand up to the public's incessant demands and satisfy maximum as possible. And yet they face the torment of angry citizens. After all it's impossible to please EVERYONE! The King whereas has the easy task of grooming himself and appearing all shiny and handsome. That really does seem to grab peoples attention and media coverage. The matter in India is very clogged up and difficult to explain. Powerful Italian woman, turbaned guy, cricket stars, Bollywood kings or fasting oldies influence a lot of what people think and do.
But today people who love the very Dr. Manmohan Singh the PM of India, people who admire him, people who loathe him, or don't really respect him- every one of us were thrilled by the news of his visit. 
It was a grand setting here. And there he finally came in a blue turban this man clad in shiny Indian looking tunic overcoat. The award ceremony as fantastic.
I was overall thrilled to have him in our university. I was sitting just a mere 50 m away from him since the media like NDTV, Z News(:P) occupied the area. So of course it was broadcasted on NDTV that would obviously mean worldwide of course. NDTV is the only good news channel of India. Trust me.
I mean who would cover up a story on a trapped rat inside the manhole with all the camera and news crews. I say I would just shut the manhole up and tune into NDTV. (I am targetting news channels like INDIA-NEWS, Z-NEWS and STAR-NEWS).

P.S. I got a photograph of either only him or only me and NOT of us in one picture.
I guess I will have to showcase my photoshop skills. 

Monday, January 2, 2012

SO FAR....

You realize there are thousands (maybe millions) like you with the same fervor, same determination, same strength as you. Someone as eager to be of service to the place you are linked with. I have meet many of them just within these three days. Every volunteer here at the Indian Science Congress, they display so much of energy it is sometimes tiring. But I don't show my lassitude. And so like magic the energy replenishes itself.  Everyone and I mean every single one is just so full of energy. I like that.
And with so extra extra energy we have been having a lot of fun. I am known as the "skeleton" now since they find it so strange I have real human bones under my bed. They freaked out when I told them all medical students have real human bones for study. The mechanical students have to cut metals, weld pieces together. The electrical students build electronics. This interesting guy told me that Electricity is the study of conductors, and electronics is the study of semi-conductors. And they freaked out more when I told them that we had to incise and study a cadaver(dead human) in our first year. Apart from all these, I am getting to know a lot of people from different modes of career and from different parts of the world. It feels good. I have lots of friends now.

Today we were sitting outdoors and chit chatting in a big group. No one was criticizing anyone. We were of course pulling legs (but it is indeed very different from criticism). A very good social gathering. After humans are social creatures.
I have to gather some information on paintings and palm leaf writings.
Tomorrow the Prime Minister of India is visiting here. I have got to take a photograph with him. :D