Monday, April 30, 2012

Bruno the Wonderful Dog.

I discovered Scribd and here is my first post with the scribd embedding. This is a poem about my pet dog Bruno and I have to be honest, the poem is not excellent in its language though in its content it is very rich. Happy reading. (The poem is not too long so take a look).

I broke Jigsaw's heart.

I am not a level one nerd and this all appears before my grand second professional examinations.

And this is exactly how I have been because I am tensed and very worried because of this second prof exams. Honestly I have no idea what has gotten into me so much so if I happen to meet this Mr. Jigsaw even, I would just retaliate him and politely ask him to 'not disturb me' and to 'stop his gibberish non-sense.'

(I am only using Robbins and Cotrans paythology because that is the biggest book I own and ahem I read it although I know nothing much from text.)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Jackson's My Hero(Or rather I am his).

Many learned doctors told me that a character that should be so widely attributable to a medical student is to be a voracious reader. Thankfully I read. And despite all the hardships of my medical textbooks I managed to finish 5 books of Percy Jackson series.

Percy Jackson is a demi god of Greek origin. I am sure most have watched the first movie so you can tell it's a full packed adventure movie with Logan Learman as Jackson. He is super cute. And a good story line too. Plus a good load of mythology knowledge blended with the modern 21st century. 
I watched the movie and waited for the sequel. Seems like it didn't make that Harry Potter 'big'. It deserves to be the next Harry Potter but it seems nobody wants to graduate from Hogwarts. 

So that proves it. Jackson needs me. Who would but me be asking for Percy Jackson merchandises?

And while I am in Olympus perhaps I could ask Athena for more wisdom.

Monday, April 2, 2012

What I learned today.

Today is World Autism awareness day, and what I have learnt is not at all related to autism though I would like to write a line or two about it. I know a kid who is autistic. He is barely 3 years old and has been referred to one of the best hospitals in India. So people who aren't aware of the disorder barely notice anything wrong about him. They just point out he is extremely shy whereas people who know he is labelled as an autistic child prefer to view him as a ummm ill patient. But gradually all of us are learning to treat him like every other child around. An extremely shy kid who takes a long time getting used to you.

To the main topic. I have learned never to tell your insecurities you face in the clinical ward to those who are non-medical personnel. I love my mom and dad and my mom is a high school Arts teacher and my Dad is one of the most accomplished engineers in the country. Today I told them about how nervous I got using a sphygmomanometer in Obs& Gyno ward for monitoring this full term pregnant woman's blood pressure. Sure I know how to use the instrument, but I was nervous plus excited. A dangerous combination and the klutz in me managed to block her arteries long enough to cause discomfort. My classmates totally understand this sad incident when I account it but my mom and dad looked at me with a faltering gaze. And I slumped back in the couch and regretted for the bad story. I should tell stories of my 'victories' and interesting anecdotes with happy and successful ending all the time. 
A good lesson learnt.

The insecure/ bad stories are only for my colleagues. 

P.S. I have had a day long issue with my fringes whereupon I want them to grow long and grow long FAST