Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Medical calling.

So while going to the ward after classes we run to the lift in a hurry. Constantly discussing or more like gossiping. There is me and my other two girl friends. We are going to see a patient.

The lift in charge waits for us. There are other people inside. We have to go three floors up and the lift is set to go down. Downstairs the door opens and Sandy walks briskly out of the door.
I shout, "Hey this the ground floor. Come back we have to up." She hadn't realized. Till Mishra grabs her nape collar and hauls her in.
"Gadha!" she berates. She called Sandy a donkey.
"You shut up." Sandy retorts.
I am standing there and we are going upstairs that a tussle unfolds in front of me.
The people, 3 of them in there start smiling in amusement.
Another typical day. I have to go and break their squabbles.
"Okay there are people who are patients here." I interject in a low voice and put myself in between them.
They are pushing each other and I get squashed in between. "Can we... can we stop this and continue it in the room?" I say.
And they stop with a remark that sounds like, "Gadha."
Another typical day in my life and all that is comical I want to remember.

We are in the ward and the emotion is replaced by something I cannot exactly describe. There is a really sick patient and is battling for his life. And to be honest we do not know what to say to his family. It is an art we have to learn. To assure them. To heal them.

To learn more and be competent enough to be worthy of their....
My friend Roma is calling me to see her off.

You see she had a fall today and she sprained her left ankle and it hurts her and her parents have sent their driver to pick her up. A session of hugging and molly cuddling.
"Oh, just go away fast enough. I have to get back to writing my blog.?" I say.
Roma stifles and another hug. Sandy and I are balancing her and taking her to her car.
And before she gets in the car she gives each one of us a kiss on the cheek. Like Snow White does to the seven dwarfs before the prince takes her away. But we don't constitute the seven dwarfs, we were five people standing out there in the twilight waiting for this broken Roma to leave faster so that we could come back and check our Facebook.
Oh, this life is a good life. I love my friends.
They make my life so much easier.
I come back and finish writing this post.
I have to study now. Numerous diseases to go and how I can heal them.

                                                                   pE@ce-dr. Diksha.


RayBeamSun said...

:) From the broken Roma.

RayBeamSun said...

:) - The Broken Roma.