Monday, June 17, 2013

Those many of the cooking nights.

Maybe, maybe I write junk. Nothing substantial. My blog is not for reference or for any worldly education, I just want to remember how I was right now. 
I am so unstable right now. I develop a deep interest for a subject and the next day it's gone entirely. It is happening more with my personality rather than my interests actually. Today I am happy, tomorrow I wake up a cynic, yesterday I was madly in love.

As for being on a very very short break, I am contemplating doing all those I don't usually have time to spare for. Earlier this evening I was cooking with my roommate.
The procession in itself was so orderly and so well peaceful, I realized I love cooking. I have developed this facade wherein the world see me as an extremely androgynous female and most presume I am incapable of anything related to the kitchen. But why am I posting the boring banality of my external image which only ensures to waste your time.

But we were communicating, my roommate and I without even speaking. Without having to exchange a single word. Millions of things were in the back of my head coming up one by one and I was thinking them one at a time.  My roommate looked calm and thoughtful chopping those onions likewise sorting out millions of her thoughts. She put the onions in the pan, and I just stirred. She didn't have to tell me. I knew what to do, I don't have to do it all and she won't have to do all of it. We were doing all of it. The beauty of--ahh what's that word- Team work, towards something common with the people you love and trust.

We planned to watch Hansel and Gretel Witch hunters.  Quite unnerving for a clean freak there, but we sit on the bed rest our backs on the deck, the laptop at the foot-end and eat while we watch. It's a small hostel room that we live in. She set up the bed and I placed the food and turned off the lights and watched in peace.
It's one of those many nights of my college life. It's happening now all those early twenties story that I must remember and smile.


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