Monday, April 2, 2012

What I learned today.

Today is World Autism awareness day, and what I have learnt is not at all related to autism though I would like to write a line or two about it. I know a kid who is autistic. He is barely 3 years old and has been referred to one of the best hospitals in India. So people who aren't aware of the disorder barely notice anything wrong about him. They just point out he is extremely shy whereas people who know he is labelled as an autistic child prefer to view him as a ummm ill patient. But gradually all of us are learning to treat him like every other child around. An extremely shy kid who takes a long time getting used to you.

To the main topic. I have learned never to tell your insecurities you face in the clinical ward to those who are non-medical personnel. I love my mom and dad and my mom is a high school Arts teacher and my Dad is one of the most accomplished engineers in the country. Today I told them about how nervous I got using a sphygmomanometer in Obs& Gyno ward for monitoring this full term pregnant woman's blood pressure. Sure I know how to use the instrument, but I was nervous plus excited. A dangerous combination and the klutz in me managed to block her arteries long enough to cause discomfort. My classmates totally understand this sad incident when I account it but my mom and dad looked at me with a faltering gaze. And I slumped back in the couch and regretted for the bad story. I should tell stories of my 'victories' and interesting anecdotes with happy and successful ending all the time. 
A good lesson learnt.

The insecure/ bad stories are only for my colleagues. 

P.S. I have had a day long issue with my fringes whereupon I want them to grow long and grow long FAST


FrozenSpring said...

Yup!Nobody can laugh off our screw-ups like we can. :)

P.S-You are missed!

Diksha Chhetri said...

Thank the lords I have you always. :)