Thursday, April 19, 2012

Jackson's My Hero(Or rather I am his).

Many learned doctors told me that a character that should be so widely attributable to a medical student is to be a voracious reader. Thankfully I read. And despite all the hardships of my medical textbooks I managed to finish 5 books of Percy Jackson series.

Percy Jackson is a demi god of Greek origin. I am sure most have watched the first movie so you can tell it's a full packed adventure movie with Logan Learman as Jackson. He is super cute. And a good story line too. Plus a good load of mythology knowledge blended with the modern 21st century. 
I watched the movie and waited for the sequel. Seems like it didn't make that Harry Potter 'big'. It deserves to be the next Harry Potter but it seems nobody wants to graduate from Hogwarts. 

So that proves it. Jackson needs me. Who would but me be asking for Percy Jackson merchandises?

And while I am in Olympus perhaps I could ask Athena for more wisdom.

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