Saturday, May 19, 2012

The flight from Paro to BBSR.

I flew from Paro to Kolkata and then to Bhubaneswar. 
Now this may sound very stupid but I admit that I am a teeny weeny itsy bitsy bit afraid of travelling by air. Maybe this has some connection to the fact that I am acrophobic too.

So I sat by the window seat. I always have to get the window seat.  A past middle aged man sat beside me and he constantly kept reading the in flight magazine. The plane started moving slow at first like being in a car, and then it started gaining more momentum.

Here are some of the things that I think of:

When the plane is elevating: " The plane is going to crash right at that mountain and we are never going to make it outside the plane. The flames will consume us."

When we are still ascending: "Why is the plane not flying straight? Oh no! We going up and still more up till we overcome gravity and then we are going to fly right past the ozone layer and the exosphere. We will run out of air and our insides will pop out because of the pressure."

When the plane is in the stratosphere and makes a change in direction: "Uh oww... Something is wrong. We are tilting more and more. The plane it going to flip over! If it flips over what are we going to do? Will the stewardesses be thrown around because they aren't wearing the seat belts!"

When we hit turbulence: "The internals of this plane has broken down. Oh no! Who is going to fix that! I think the oil is leaking and then we running out of fuel! The pilots are not telling this because they don't want us panicking."

When the plane is descending: "The pilot is losing control. Oh no. The gravity is pulling us to our death! If we crash I am going to cover my head with my hands."

When we land: "The plane is unstoppable. WHY IS IT MAKING SO MUCH OF NOISE! The engine has burst, that's why!" And I look outside to see the engine perfectly fine and running.

And along with all that crap thinking I hear a lot of creaks and groans in the plane too. Strange that no one but I notice all that. I look around and see people calm. I appear calm too but all these thinking rages in my head.

But then I think again. I am not going to die. It's not my time to go yet. I still have to a lot of things left to do. If I die I am going to a pain-in-the-butt ghost! 

Yesterday as these rumbling thoughts were taking place in my head, I put my hands over my head (pretending I was protecting my head when the plane crashed) and then the tangerine juice on my tray came crashing right on my groin! The man next to me startled and called the stewardess immediately who handed me wads of tissue paper. everyone on board knew what happened! The juice had plenty of pulp. I calmly dabbed the juice from my jeans and felt it seep into my underwear. But I had to smile and let the stewardess think the situation was under control! She left. 
And I was left with smiling and dabbing away the juice- from my jeans!

After that I had six hour halt at Kolkata where there was a Caucasian a total look alike of Chad Micheal Murray who constantly kept an eye on me. Creepy, isn't it?(Actually I think it was awesome). Maybe he thought I was super cute. (Oh that's what I actually thought). But to be real, I think he was just BORED.

It's wonderfully warm in India. 

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