Saturday, May 5, 2012

If I was a Super Hero now.

If I was a super hero now, would I have been a medical student?
If I was a super hero now, would I be in my room studying so late?
If I was a super hero now, would I have been out on the streets in my supercool costume?

The superhero Diksha.
I would be big and green
And a beauty Queen.
All the boys would respect me.
My hair would sway as I would walk by
And I would be the awesomest of all.

I would be out there fighting that big bad guy,
Instead of crouching before a big fat book.
I would be the apple of Batman's eye.
And I would be the nightmares of all the crooks.
Then Superman would greet me as a colleague.
And Wonder Woman and I would fly together.
I would be a member of the Justice League.

Spider Man would come to visit me.
I could help him with his web or two.
Instead of getting tangled with the medical degree.
I would be flying around the dark streets.
I would dance to the hip hop beat.

Time to end my fantasy, although I can keep going on and on. 

The exam has rendered me insane (not that anybody would care).

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