Monday, July 15, 2013

Auscultating the Chest.

I was in a bad mood today. And I sprawled my Facebook profile with the filthiest and the most common profane used. Afterwards I felt bad when I got messages from my friends consoling me and one message that snapped my anger and produced rather a guilt was from one of my high school friend who said that of all the girls out there he thought I was the one who has got it figured it out. Shame and guilt came over me for my momentary lapse of losing grip over my bizzare emotions but moreover I cannot fathom the reason for my devastating anger. And the readiness for contrition is because I hate not smiling.
Now I am chilled. Chilled as ever and laughing with my friends over silliest of the events that unfolds in our lives.
Because medicine without humour can be hard.
Plus I changed my blog name to a dr.DOOFUS. Yeah Doofus till I specialize.

And that actually happened to one of my friends. :D                                                      

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