Sunday, August 18, 2013

Why the Man Of Steel.

Man of Steel did not disappoint me. But then again none of the super hero movies ever disappoint me. Except that one, the one with the hunky Brandon Routh and the hetero-chromatic Kate Bosworth in Superman Returns which was such a bore that ran for non-exhaustive length that even I a faithful devoted comic lover hated the movie.

Why steel? Why not Titanium or Adamantium or better yet Iron? The director prefers alloys to single elements as mashed up a character as Super Man is. He is an alien, he is a small town boy,  he is a Daily Planet geeky reporter, he is Lois Lane's love and he is Clark Kent. He is Super Man.

Iron Man is a billionaire. The tweeds and his insouciant ego and some clever quips throughout the comic book, and especially the movie has earned him his fame. Actually Robert Downey Jr.'s fame. The name Iron Man stirs images of Robert Downey Jr. but nothing special to the Iron Man character.

But the Man of Steel will capture your heart. A man so righteous,so brimming with justice in every throb of his heart, rigorous in his approach, living a common life of a good man with geek glasses and almost so boring is the Man of Steel. And I have every right to call Super Man boring because I am a devoted comic reader, I have watched Super Man movies, cartoons of every version. I have followed Super Man in his every move in Justice League Association and in the newer Justice League too and I read articles about him online.

Should one hate a man who is impeccably perfect but for just the glitch of being a little too boring?


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