Monday, October 5, 2015

Being too Nice.

I regret being too nice.

Like I am so nice that I don't say anything when someone takes food from my plate, but that I just come back to my room and then I don't eat it.

Because I was too nice to object.

It sickens me. I was coming with my food from the dinner mess and I am holding the plate and getting in my room and she comes and asks whats there for dinner tonight. I am so nice. I smaile and show her that tonight we have these and these. Ans she just grabs one of the dry potato from the curry and gobbles it up, and then says 'Mind if I do'.

Sick. I felt acute anger. And I made a face. A face to show I didn't like it. But she didn't get it.

I should have been clearer, that it is ok not to just come over and take food from my plate with unwashed hands and eat it! I don't like sharing food. I am particular about my utensils!

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