Wednesday, March 28, 2012

This change in my lifestyle.

Since the day I have been living on my own my lifestyle has changed drastically in every little aspect. So now it has been more than two years since then, and now I have my own timing. I have no botheration at all.
I don't wake up at a 6 AM everyday. If I want to jog or most probably play tennis, I wake up and get ready in just about ten minutes. (Considering it used to take me way too long to get ready when I was younger). Then I don't eat breakfast or lunch at the regular time too. I just eat when I am hungry. I know a bad habit, but at least I make sure I don't stay hungry. And I sleep whenever I feel sleepy. 

My mom says I am leading the lifestyle of an unmarried 'MAN'! I wonder how unmarried woman lead their lives. 

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