Friday, March 2, 2012

Back to the Dissection Hall.

Today I took one of my adopted brother who studies Electronics engineering to our medical campus. We went to the dissection hall where I had to face the old unpredictable HOD of anatomy. He is super strict but at the same time a nice person. He let me take my brother in the museum and in the DH with the cadavers. I was enthralled by his reaction upon seeing the dead body. It reminded me of my first year. It was just over a year ago actually. We went to the Forensic laboratory and browsed every specimen that was there.

I have to thank my boyfriend for sticking around with me. He is smart and I like it. When in the dissection hall he was showing minute details of the cadaver and recalling everything we learnt in first year. I would die to have such eidetic memory. So I have been thinking that he should definitely specialize to be a surgeon. I mean how often do you come across a guy with whom when you are walking in the night and see stars and say 'Andromeda' and then he would not know only about Andromeda the Princess but the star constellation as well and the little interesting facts about it. I have been reading enormously on star constellations (though I can't chart them on the map) and also the mythologies related to it. So said, I like smart guys. And ever more so happy for my boy friend knows about the constellations and mythologies equally. 

Also after this I took him to the pediatric ward and showed him how a case history is taken and after that to the Gyno&Obs operation theatre.

P.S One of the south Indian doctor whom I (and everybody) respect a lot said the movie we produced was awesome. I am stoked! It's not big deal for doc to be on FB! 

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