Monday, August 20, 2012

Water is a part of me.

Water creatures have always fascinated me. I find water birds the most beautiful of all and I like the corals and the fishes. Not that I dislike other elements. I am scared of fire. Earth is not my type and I might do as well with wind but wind provides no fluidity that water does. Water is refreshing. (And I always think I am Omi from Xiaolin Showdown or those mermaids from Pirates of the Carribean---- Come on, aren't I allowed to fantasize at times?)

I am in third year of medicine now. Cheers (Even though my 2nd year results haven't been declared I have been celebrating my survival in the School of Medicine.)

Anyway to the water.... Yesterday we went to water world-a place with pool and some water slides and et cetera.

I chose a a hip look with a maxi dress and a colourful wrap and Meg-Ryan glasses. I have seen her in a lot of movies with glasses like that. She is a respectful actress and there is nothing wrong with me trying the glasses. Doesn't make me a cheap imposer.

The disappointment/relief of going to a water body here is that a swimsuit is considered almost a taboo! Only spoilt girls wear those! There are gangs of ugly boys who would specifically love to cheer at you in swimsuit. The best solution is avoid being in a suit and stick to something more grungier like a black tee and shorts.

I took this photograph and I think it is amazing!

This is my Angeline Jolie inspired picture.  Oh doesn't look a bit like it?? Fine... It was just an accidental shot and there is nothing so sexy about it.

A day well spent in water. All that is left are the photographs and sunburns until another day in water....

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