Thursday, July 26, 2012

When people cheat....

I came across Kristen Stewart guilty of cheating on Robert Pattinson. The first thing that struck me was "What the Hell is wrong with her? Who would cheat on a guy who looks like that?"
And of course I am sure many of you must have pictured that handsome perfect faced Pattinson distraught and heart-broken, slightly drunk too but all the while looking gorgeously sparkly!  Millions of teenage girls have been struck with those dashing vampire etiquette portrayed  in Twilight and its proceeding movies.

So lovely Kristen was having private affair with her director of Snow White And The Huntsmen! The audacity? He is 41, and she is 22. I really do not get why girls so tender in age even want to touch a man that way who is very much a father figure! I am 20 and I respect men in their 40s. They are fatherly and it makes me so sick thinking about young women atop wrinkly men! (And then I pray to the God for forgiveness even though I am an atheist).

And that's when I tsk tsk on their lives- the lives of the actors and actresses which most people think is all about glamour and money, money, money! Yes they wear new clothes every day and get the best of their make-up and go to beautiful places... But how very sad on their life behind the cameras. They are unfaithful lot. Why can't they be satisfied with just one person? Do their lust run so deep and vast that a single person is unable to fill  the void? Must they hog on every other person they work with? Have they even ever experienced real love?

That directors wife was a runway model. She is very beautiful. But even that beautiful face and figure was not sufficient for the director (seriously how much of touching beautiful woman does he want?) 

And that is when I am very thankful for being me- a normal not-sultry-glamorous med student. I know of real people with real love. I know my mom and dad, they love each other a lot and would never cheat. I know many people in real life with real happiness. They don't look like dashing and debonair extremely sexy Robert Pattinson or the extremely pretty Kristen Stewart but still they don't want anything more than just to spend their lives with each other. And we the normal people are perfectly happy with what we have. There is no need to go around having (secret) affairs of lust and carnal pleasures with numerous other people because there is this need for only one person-just that one person who can make the earth spin slower, the heart beat faster and make you the most beautiful person! I am simply concluding that I am a well mannered girl and so are most of the people I know. I am so happy to be me because in my life I would never have the need to cheat on whoever is with me.

How very sad for you movie people! Bloody ill mannered fellows.

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