Monday, August 20, 2012

Why I hadn't been blogging these few weeks.

  1. I was too busy watching Game Of Thrones and liking Robb Stark. Oh dear Robb please keep being awesome and do not disappoint me in the episodes to follow.
  2. I was too busy mending my weather-beaten skin by sleeping almost 10 hours everyday.
  3. I am watching a lot of cartoons now that I have cracked the college firewall and gained access to torrent and lots of shows and movies.
  4. Community medicine ward duty going on which is an absolute bore and a must-attend duty!
  5. I am secretly doing yoga early in the morning which explains my new-found amazing curves. (Sshhhh).


Anonymous said...

You seem to have been pretty busy. What a coincidence! I have been watching the Games of the Thrones. You could have posted your curvy picture next to Robb Stark's picture by the way. :P lol. Kidding.

Diksha Chhetri said...

Yeap I almost forgot I had a blog. I should keep updating my blog regularly. And I have uploaded ample photographs in my previous post already. :D haha..