Saturday, September 8, 2012

Stupid networking.

I know Facebook let's you keep in touch with your friends far far way from you. Share your new life with your old old friends and we don't have to go through the tedious ordeal of writing letters and going to the post office and have it posted and wait for days on end for your friend to get the letter. Whereas on Facebook this task is just few clicks away. But moreover one can add numerous people on their list. Those people you don't know at all in real life. You are becoming more-known to newer people. How awesome is that! 

No not so awesome. At least not for me. I have never really adapted to the new generations' method of befriending someone. For what you perceive about someone on the net is most of the time very inaccurate. The carefully thought statuses and those posed (only ones where you look good) photographs dominate your profile. And some extras like carefully manipulated LIKE pages to make sure you only have liked "cool" pages. 

I for instance upload only those photographs where I look frigging hot, whereas in real life I am not very feminine or charming. Many boys  have let me know I am unattractive and that too in a rather unpleasant way. Now I am far far away from everybody and so I use Facebook as a weapon, a reminder that an ugly duckling can well look like a swan too at time with correct photography and an ingenius photographer to produce immaculate pretty images of me!

And that is why I detest everything on the net.

Before I end my hateful post with a dramatic "NOTHING IS REAL" I do have to admit that Facebook is well my life. I would perish without it. I love updating my sarcastic and sometimes real statuses and I especially love to post my immaculate photographs taken by ingenious photographers who use correct photography methods. And I love meeting and talking to real people in the virtual world.

Ok here it is. NOTHING IS REAL~!

                                                         pE@ce Dr. Diksha.

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