Thursday, September 27, 2012

I want the tag "Dominating Doc"

I have stumbled upon many medical professionals profiles and they love to tag themselves with names usually defining their personality. Mostly they are angry so they call themselves "angry doctor" or "angry medic". What an awe inspiring majestic turn is this to call one self angry! Indeed, doctors need to be aggressive and dominating plus a little bit angry. THE PROFESSION REQUIRES IT!

And why would I say that? Yesterday I was at the casualty and there were a group of adolescent boys who had brought their friend with a lacerated feet (it was an accident). The dressing room was occupied at the moment and he had to wait. I was sitting reading McLeod's clinical methods and he scolded, "Doctor my friend needs stitches. Why aren't you doing anything?" and his body language was clearly suggestive of violence peaking.
I look up confused. I don't know what to reply. Then a nurse came to my rescue. She had a commanding voice and said to him to wait for a while, just a little bit more and also that his friend didn't require stitches. And he settled down like a little pup who has been castigated by his owner.

Other instances of where I support of dominating persona is well the senior doctors are more responsive to you when you are verbose and confident. 

When I am certified as a doctor I want the tag "Dominating doctor"..but a nice one.

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