Wednesday, October 3, 2012

While I buy too many clothes...

While I buy too many clothes, there are people who have nothing to wear. There are people with not a spare. 
And I buy too many clothes, I saw a patient today who was hurt bad and his trousers were torn.
I thought those were accident tears, but it was his only pants. He would wash his only clothes many a times to keep them clean, but the water and the soap has now washed away its lustrous sheen. Threadbare and still to be worn for many years, that man has to keep doing his labourous task just to be able to provide his kids with new clothes. Food and education, and a lot more! 

And I am here browsing clothes online. Too many I have in my cupboard and I still want more and more and more.

Oh human desires!
Cruel I am!

So everyday I go to my workplace I hope I will be at my best. It should not be their misfortune they end up in the clinic--it should be their fortune that I am there. I shall do what I am supposed to do and learn with utmost zeal, and then I will someday be a doctor with knowledge and medical appeal.
                                     pE@ce- Dr.diksha.

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