Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Wedding.

I have had never attended anyone's wedding when I was in my country. Strange as it is since I have lived there for 17 years and never been to a marriage (except that one me and my best friend went to to eat dinner i.e in urban terms "crashed the wedding"). 
Personally I prefer Christian marriages. The white flowing gown and the red red lipgloss with red red roses entice me like no other feeling can. I want to get married in the white wedding gown and my boy should be in his best tuxedo with his best man and say 'I do' to my everything.
I don't know how a Bhutanese wedding looks like. Indian weddings are diverse as I have learnt here. 28 states, 7 territories makes up 35 different ways and many more regional differences. But their style has the distinct red glittery sari and the bride always looks so beautiful and there are lots o light, flowers, sweets-pompous, joyous and glamorous!

So far my 3 years stay in India and I have already attended one. Few days ago we were invited for one of my (girl) classmates wedding. 
Needless to say "a picture speaks a thousand words"...

And if you intend to eat a lot then sarees are a to be totally contraindicated because you never know when your belly swells up for the whole crowd to see.

                                                  pE@cE- dr.Diksha.

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