Friday, January 11, 2013

He said, she said.

He said= I don't feel that way anymore.
She said= Please I will try my best. What is wrong?
He said= I don't know... I just don't want to see you anymore.
She said= Is it the way I look? Or or do I need to be cooler?
He said= I want some quality time with you but you are just so busy all the time.
She said= I need space of my own but I promise I will make time for you. We can go to places and eat all we want we can jape at ourselves and of others. Yes yes I will do that for you.
He said= I am sorry. You have said that a hundred times before and you are deteriorating. I think best we be if I give you as much space as you want. I will leave.
She said= Don't go.
He said= Don't try.

                                                    He said=

                                        She said=

And that is what I define as "It's complicated".
                                           pE@c3-dr. Diksha.


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