Monday, January 21, 2013

The Fall-and What I learnt from it.

Nearly a decade ago my mother bought me a pair of roller skates. It was beautiful, big and black. I was thrilled because no other friends of mine owned a pair of big black skates. 
We had our residence at Drugyel, Paro where my family would go and stay during summer and winter breaks.
Drugyel is a serene landscape and the historic ruined Dzong stands tall proudly displaying its burns as if saying, "You need to burn in order to shine". 
My sister and my cousin went to the road where there would be no vehicles at all for many days. As I have shown in the picture with no people around, it was the opposite. The sight of this strange shoes with wheels caught the likes of people my age, the nearby shopkeepers, my fathers co-workers and the equestrian workers and so the horses too (there is a large horse stable next to the road).

It wasn't my intention to show off my skills because then I had only mastered an unstable balance. 
But with this strange big shiny shoes with wheels I felt so proud and suddenly I was overwhelmed with the idea of showing these people of little town the thrills of a city girl(we lived in Thimphu).
So I stood on my wheels and hadn't even propelled myself that I completely lost my sense of propioception and then my right leg slid forward and before I could control my back jerked backwards and I slid 2 metres in front and my bottom hit the ground hard. 

Everybody around me laughed and my sisters especially mocked me. 
I stood begrudgingly only to fall again. So I sat on my buttocks in the middle of the road, the horse stink was stronger than ever and it irritated my sense of nociception. I hated the horse then. I even hated my sisters and unbuckled my shoes with wheels and went back to our home whereupon I sat on the roof and had a good deal of mind storming.
I don't remember crying though. Only I remember me flushing over and over and then I promised myself that I would practice it. So I went and practiced all alone. I didn't need anyone. I just needed my motivation and my passion to get it done.

After this episode every thing that I have encountered and wanted to do, I do it with passion. To improve oneself requires time and endurance. Perseverance. 

I thank the day I fell on my buttocks because of which I have learnt never to give up if you fall but to stand up again and start it all over, over and over and over.


                                        pE@c3-dr. Diksha.

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