Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Under-graduates Paediatrics Quiz.

I have bagged a bronze medal in East zone all India quiz in Pediatricians.

I am thrilled. But most importantly I am glad I did not quit. I mean I had quit. I gave the preliminary test of MCQs and then completely forgot about the quiz. Till junior came to my room and told me I had topped as second in the test and was to go to another medical college.

I freaked out. 

I was unprepared. And to go compete with other medical students from other colleges? The prospect was terrifying and I spent the whole day probably crying and thinking of a way out. I didn't have anyone to talk to. I wanted someone to understand why I was not the best option to go compete for the interstate level quiz.

Then I went to my Paediatrics professor, a brusque man with coiffed hair that falls all over his forehead but somehow never obstructs his vision let alone his eyebrows beneath which are those thoughtful eyes of a man who has saved thousands of infants and children.

"Err, I want to quit." I squeaked as soon as I entered his office.
He was reading some paper, and looked up and asked why.
"I am unprepared, and its a big event. I am completely totally unprepared and we have just 2 weeks to go and I won't be able to complete the whole book and we will lose because of me and then it will be bad." said I in a breath.
"But you have done well in the test," he said slow and clear as he fished his drawer and took out the papers and flashed mine. 
But I wanted to quit and when my mind is made up, it's kind of impossible for even my Paediatrics professor to convince. 
"Fine!" he said as he decided to take the next person for the quiz and I happily trotted out of his office feeling like the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders and I was free. Free like a bird.

That night I couldn't sleep. I was haunted by my own insecurities. To miss an opportunity such as this was sheer stupidity. I knew that. Quitting was cowardly. Quitting is what losers do. Winners never quit. Had Andy Murray quit just because he couldn't bag any Grand Slams in the first of his career he wouldn't have gone onto winning a US Open, a Gold in the Olympics or a Wimbledon! And he wouldn't have been dubbed as the big four if he had quit! And he wouldn't have come on to become my favourite player.

And I revisited my professors office again.
"I have decided I will go," I declared triumphantly.
"TSK!" was what he said. "I have already taken a junior in your place." he added.
"I will go," I said a little quieter this time afraid I had jeopardized my own chances.
"Call that junior and come with him and then you can go," he said.
And after that the junior who is one hell of a guy and is highly interested in his medical profession (as evidenced by his colloquial paper presentations in several topics) but I had beat him and he yield.

The past two weeks were all about Paediatrics. Me and the junior girl. We were given a Nelson each and advised to remember Nelson values. Nelson is the standard, the best textbook. It is a large book of more than 2000 pages and a font size smaller than an average ant. 

I completed the smaller undergraduate level textbook however, i.e OP Ghai, and then went onto solving MCQs. Solving as many as I could get. Reading as many quiz books as I could get. The junior girl whom I would always see in the reading room but never talk, now we began to solve MCQs together 2 hourly everyday. And we began to get to know each other.

She is sweet. Courteous and respectful. And the obedience that is in her is unforced. I liked her instantly and it was easy to work with her. A quality I render absolutely necessary in medical career.

The other Paediatrician doctors took extensive vivas to the both of us. Sometimes even lasting for six hours without break.

September 14th, a Saturday and we left for SCB Medical college. Seeing other contestants was scary. It was. We didn't study. We just sat, waiting for the whole thing to start. 

The only thought that relieved me was that "YEAI within the next three hours this all will be OVER." And my mind decided to hang onto that sentence every time I felt a knot in the pit of my stomach.

But we did well. We had been underestimating ourselves all along. I shouldn't be over whelmed either because it will prevent me from working hard. However we lead the quiz for the first half. But we lost track in the final rapid fire round and secured ourselves a third position.

So today I went to the Professor to return the Nelson.
A chortle as I entered with the heavy textbook.
"Do sit," he ordered.
I sat obediently and he asked how was the quiz. I explained with worlds like 'great experience' and that our college needs more coaching since the other colleges prepare for the quiz 2 years before itself.
"In two weeks if you can prepare this much then you surely have proved yourself. I hope you will continue studying and not quit in the most adverse of situations," he said.
I grinned thinking of Andy Murray and the quiz and how daunting it had appeared and came out ever more determined to try. To give my best. And to never quit.

A book that says Why Sinarest is the best. And a cartificate. :D

                                                                 peace- dr. Diksha.


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Well expressed. And congratulates.

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Congratulations :)