Monday, October 28, 2013

Indian Society of Organ Transplantation

So yes. I attended the Indian Society of Organ Transplantation Conference (ISOT) only and only because my favourite professor Prof. S.C. Dash was the organizer. Despite the perpetual rainfall and the diaphanous wetness, ( I call it diaphanous because the bright fungus has sprouted in places and it has decorated the place), I attended the conference without even an invitation or a qualification. Because I don't know anything about organ transplants yet and I should go to places that offer education.

There he is. Prof. S.C Dash.

And the one leaning by the dice is Dr. Deepak Shankar Ray. He is my best friend's father and he is one of my inspirations too. He has performed several successful transplants.

My favourite professor is Dr. Suresh Chandra Dash. He is not the only one in the list however this post will be only about him.

In one word, he is  a  CONNOISSEUR. A connoisseur of fine arts, and subjects. 

I enjoyed his classes. I enjoy everyone's class that is not boring. He took our Nephrology classes just a month ago and now that is over for the year. He quizzed us constantly. He would ask us facts about from medical subjects and other non-medical subjects. Mostly Geography. And History and Mythology. And then literature. His interests are diverse. Just as diverse as mine. And when he would quiz us, I would be on my guard ready to answer everything that I have had learnt in my school years and medical years. I answered so much that I got his attention in class that when no one would answer he would point to me and say, "This girl will answer."

I did. He called me intelligent and a hard working student. I am so flattered and stoked and inspired and pressurized. 

I am being called the 'favourite one' and so I will work very hard to keep the name. Just as hard as I worked under the guide of my Paediatrics professor Dr. Aswin Ku. Mohanty. 

I have had been a victim of several things. Taunting, teasing, being ignored/ostracism and all because well I even don't know. Because I am always on the run. Studying or reading novels or playing tennis and then some not so pleasant things. Or maybe because I am a freak. 

I am pressurized. Professor S.C. Dash thinks that I am capable of so much that I feel terribly pressurized. What if I can't live up to the status that I generate everywhere I go! 

And this post was supposed to be about my favourite professor but I ended up ranting as always. I should do more justice to this man who inspires me. 

He has shown me that not all doctors are dulled by their own subjects. He is diverse, brilliant , extremely thoughtful and an excellent guide. He read us TO REMEMBER ME by Robert Test and that has further influenced my interests in literature. 

Since I still have no achievements to boast about right now, I will just copy some links I got.

                                                              PEACE-   dr. Diksha.
(I should do an extensive research before I write posts like this and should stop ranting).

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