Thursday, December 5, 2013

She makes me feel like...


Yes, her.
She makes me feel like a ten year old child. That when just touched by the whiff of real world and your parents want you to learn something and enroll you and you embark on those lessons, guided by the nicest of the nice coaches/teachers/instructors. 

And you don't know but no ones judging. You are there to learn and no ones mocking. 

Today was an extremely beautiful day. Yellow sun, blue pool, pretty girls all around me. You get the drift right? 

And then she jumps in. I am tired of the laps I have done. Those clumsy free strokes I do to "improve my stamina" as I always say. 

"Today I will show you all the butterfly stroke," she says. Three of us those who have done over and over the freestyle and some of breast stroke surround her, like we were some glamorous sparky sharks and she an exquisitly beautiful niaid or a mermaid. 

And she just moves. Oh, the way she moves. And in the blink of an eye, she's gone.

Gone. Swam away. Beautifully. This gorgeous woman nearby me had left me agape and stunned and petrified and stupified. 

That deft incoming of both her hands together to propel herself forward! Those full hips hitting the water and emerging from the surface that caught everyone's eyes! That intense look in her eyes and the mouth parted to rejuvenate her lungs with more energy! Graceful! She is one gorgeous swimmer. 

And we clap, much stunned in amazement and absolutely involuntary clap. Little kids that we are, or are we? I hop and squeal, "wow!" 

That we decided to stay with this beautiful woman for a little longer and we gave up our morning class just to watch her and if permitted, to swim along with her. 

Afterwards we are still in the water. The three of us. Girl gossip in the water, going underwater and the clumsy butterfly strokes trial was today's morning.
I couldn't help but say it over and over, "I am so happy today."
Giggles. "I loooovvve water," cooes my friend. 

Life is good. 
Complemented by a heavy breakfast. 😊

Peace-dr. Diksha

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Debashish Mahapatra said...

Our coach doesn't get in the water with us..