Monday, December 23, 2013

The rooftop/terrace.

am on my hostels' rooftop. 

At this time in the evening it's my favourite thing to do. The stars come out. And I am myopic. 

Four years ago my eye sight was incredibly accurate. I didn't need the help of glasses to see the world. 

Now I am staring the boys hostel, just able to make out the square windows and obscure figures.

Four years ago, when me and my friends were very new here and this very rooftop was our escapade we would just skim through the darkness making out weirdest of stories and blurting out ridiculous fantasies. And then someone would spot a half naked guy at the boys hostel who had forgotten to pull the curtains down, and then we laughed and laughed at the sight of his inane skin! 

Right now I am alone and myopic. I left my glasses in the reading room and I can't wait for this to get over. 

This is the quality a nearing end race offers! A feeling of hopelessness, desolation and desperation! More importantly happiness that beyond this there is something even more promising to work towards for. That I call a concoction of everything good and everything bad. Hopelessness and hopeful.

Besides there has been many funny things that has happened at the rooftop. Like waiting for the Perseid meteor showing. Waiting and waiting. Or sometimes doing some yoga. Yoga is so sexy. Anyone who's lived in India must do yoga!

I am writing this because I am growing impatient. Trying my best not to complain.

The wind is so clean and refreshing. Must take in all this beauty that nature has to offer. 

Peace-dr. Diksha

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