Saturday, November 19, 2011

Blood Donation- Not a Selfish Deed.

Donate blood because blood cannot be substituted by any other artificial substances.

When Mrs. S.P. informed me about Mega blood donation camp to be held here in this very hospital I was thrilled. I saw potential opportunities to explore the world of blood and the ways of infusing donor with the needle and expanding my field of experience. After all, what is a doctor without much experience. My motive was to see and take in as much as I could.

And so the day was finally here. I was the head of (they preferred to call it "focal person") of Room no.22 and 23. Sweet!

But you know people here are just too normal people. Even for a mega event like this they never turn up at the said time. In other words everyone starting from a peon to a  highly regarded official turns up late. I would not name them of course.

We were supposed to reach there by 7:30 AM but hardly anyone was there.  After an hour or so the other volunteers turned up. We held the donation camp at the ground floor of the new hospital wing.
The blood would be given to ten major hospitals of this state. :)

And then everything started getting so much busier and I was so occupied all the time. There I was giving orders, taking orders, providing refreshments to the donors and organizing everything. I had never pictured it would be like this. I was picturing myself neatly snugged in a corner and a kindly doctor letting me pierce the donors and drawing their blood out.

The blood bag contained the anti-coagulants to keep the blood in its normal liquid state.
This is what the labels said.

Thank god for my friends Sandy and Maneesha who turned up to help me. Actually they came with the same idea as mine. But soon they were caught up in the throes of my volunteerism and found themselves helping the donors. But we talked to a very good doctor (who unfortunately is going to take our haematology class starting next week and therefore I have made myself the chief target in class). He lectured us. Later on we got lucky and a good technician let us draw blood from the donors. YES finally. I am confident now I can draw blood from a patient!!

And well time just passed by. A lot of my classmates turned up. A lot of unknown people turned up too. And in the end it was a good day.
A good day that ended with a good First Aid lesson.

Nothing is going to ruin a good day everyday.


FrozenSpring said...

And I never got to poke-pierce-stab.

Diksha Chhetri said...

Don't worry. You will later onnnn poke-pierce-stab a lot and get fed up of the all the three ;)