Thursday, November 10, 2011

Here it Starts- The Mission.

 The compelled volunteers turned up today. And I had to give them briefing on scabies ample enough for them to diagnose a scabies case. Of course chances are they may mistake it with a chicken pox case or plenty of mosquito bites. 
I started my 'lecture' with "this would be your first medical class." Come on it is a funny line. But nobody even flinched! I proceeded anyway and at times added some tiny remarks like "scabies is caused by a parasite, but let's call it a bug for now", and some cheesier lines like "the burrows made by the scabies mites are like the underground burrows made by the moles".

I think I need to improve on my exhibition. I have got to appear confident. But over all I have a feeling that my briefing was a good one.

Then a KISS student took us on a tour of the campus. We went inside the hostel of the kids. They live in a very close community. Three stored bunker beds and lots of them in a single big room. And in a single room there was at least three or four of them infected. 

Tomorrow these people are going to start examining the kids and compile the data. Convenient for us. And I hope my friends join me in this. I am not involving them much because they might feel obliged to volunteer. But if they ever want to join in I am always ready with open arms because a medical brain and medically trained eyes are very useful. 

But the closer you get to doing the project a bit of indolence creeps in. Just thinking about the number of students we are going to examine makes me regret a bit for pushing on with the project. But I will keep pushing on till we are successful.

Mission: Curbing Scabies.

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