Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Colours are an integral part of my life now. The colour pencils are an absolute must-have in our stationary list. Without them wherever would our learning deter to! 

Pathology is the science or study of origin, nature and course of diseases. We have excellent set of lecturers here in our college. The theory classes are strictly taken and the practical classes are taken more strictly. But if only we would take it strictly otherwise we would be very excellent students.

We peer through the microscope and we have to see everything in detail- starting from the colour to the shape and the size and the relative positions and identify and then diagnose. It is strainful to the eye but the colours add some sense to it. 
But by colours I mean mostly pink or lilac and blue. Different shades of lilac is seen because of the particular stain used in the laboratories.
And then we have to draw what we see and get it verified and checked. 
A compound microscope.
The slide 

And then this is how it looks under the lens.

It is a productive class where we take invaluable lessons throughout our lives that could help save a life. 
Colours help us guide through the course. We use them on every page of our book which help us remember the cell colour and texture and most importantly help us to diagnose the disease.

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