Wednesday, February 29, 2012

This leap day...

I wish I had the guitar right now. My guitar (sorry mine and Annie's guitar) is neatly stacked in our room in Thimphu and right now it is evening so I am guessing mom and dad are strumming some retro Nepali tunes and reviving their 'jawani' days. I have realized that when you are sad you need to have the right song and sing along to it. But the good feeling is amplified when you have a musical instrument and you can play the song and just sing along.
I just want one right now because I am bored. I have been borrowing my friends' guitar all along.
This leap day I wish I had the guitar. I would be singing....ummm Over My head by The Fray.
Right now the breeze is so wonderful in BBSR. It is warm enough to shed those full sleeved shirts and wear a loose one and half pants and let those long tresses blow up in the wind so you feel like some movie actress in a windy scene.

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