Sunday, December 4, 2011


Worlds AIDS day on December 1st,2011 was observed in KIMS with much contemplation.
To create awareness among us all there was the quiz competition and  skit competition for medical students. But the most engaging and enlightening activity was the candle march in the darkness of the night at a short distance of about15 minutes walk. 

Most of the medical students attended the occasion.  Red ribbons were pinned to our lab-coat lapels and there were speeches on HIV/AIDS. The most eye catching was the documentary video of AIDS patients. It featured the patients, desolate ones and the ostracism they face from the society.

I remember seeing one HIV positive person on a field trip to a slum area. To be honest I was scared of him. Even though I am fully aware of its infection and epidemiology I couldn't help but feel a desire to get away from him. Then I realized how unintelligent and non-nonsensical I was! How can the illiterates stop ostracizing the infected persons if someone of my position thought that way? Or how could they possibly know and prevent the ways the disease is spread?

The theme for this year was "getting to zero: Zero new HIV infections, Zero discriminations, Zero AIDS related death"
And as I watched the video and listened to the speeches I suddenly got enlightened. I would not discriminate an HIV patient. Neither would I despise him. I am going to be a doctor and it is my duty to be my best to my patients.
After this I felt happier and we all had the same thought in our head- AIDS you cannot destroy the human race.
The candle march proceeded. Hundreds of students carrying a candle each illuminated the area. It illuminated our minds and especially our hearts.

My role in zeroing AIDS maybe small and insignificant. But I know that every action counts. My role maybe just to protect myself from getting infected and to the most educate the people on HIV/AIDS and stop discriminating the infected people. I will follow my part very well for I know that every little action of ours won't go in vain.

Let us all work towards GETTING TO ZERO.

Later in the night I found an article titled "Positive people". It appreciates and applauds the five people in Bhutan who stood up to the public and admitted they are infected. 
Please read the article for you may find it inspiring. 

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