Friday, November 16, 2012

Angry for what reason.

(Expressing my anger and frustration. Maybe someday I would write a poem that genuinely ignites the pain of anger to my readers, not that I write so well).

Pernicious heart yield lethal results
The poison in me has spread.
Awakens the deadliest of the cult
(Of course its all in my head)
And even though its all the play of my brain
And I can absolutely control what I think
But never what I feel and so I maintain
This growing anger that doesn't shrink.
It is fed with the on-going confusion.
Many a times I find myself slow
I try to work, to play, to reason.
It's just that I keep falling down below.

The toxicity that poisons me has spread
I am no longer myself I am lethal.
The longer the feel stays in my head
It cripples my heart and apocryphal.
The burden doesn't go it has excoriated me.

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