Friday, November 9, 2012

Being the man she wanted.

The blue hair gel was container was nearly empty but he kept squeezing out more. His hair was not like what he wanted. Not like what she wanted. She had said spikes, not so prominent but visible enough "to give a boyish and a manly look at the same time". He wanted to be good enough for her.

Today he would show her he could be authoritative. He would no longer be a "follower who waits for his leader to lead by" anymore. After several shapings, he picked his nearly empty perfume spray. It was old but it smelled still the same and he sprayed it carefully not to let its vapor evaporate away from his body. Wasting was not an option for him.

It was a beautiful morning and he had his friends waiting for him at the casualty. His friends giggled upon seeing him. 
"This is a hospital and not a fashion show dude" said that boy with large spectacles.
He blushed,  "I bathed twice this morning. Maybe that's why I appear nice today."
The other boy prodded his spikes and said, "Oh so you get spikes on bathing more than once huh?"

They laughed and he felt slightly uncomfortable but their gathering was short lived. There were sick people everywhere in no time and his spikes outshone everything else. The nurse eyed him suspiciously. The spikes were no threat but his new attitude was. He was rushing forward pushing everyone behind to do something, anything. The problem was he wasn't behaving a medical student today. He was a doctor. He was a Leader.

She came in to the sickly ward with a pallid face as always. He stood there like a tall monument and he was storming. He appeared fierce and mighty while he ordered a nurse so many times his senior. She loved that man. She had finally got that man out of this nerdy little boy.

She didn't notice a hoard of angry nurses. She didn't even see his friends who appeared "too uncool all the time". Their eyes met and all she saw was a lion ruling his territory. He loved her dearly and how very pretty she was and he was sure he made that impact because her eyes were dreamy and smiling. He saw her real smile which was a very rare sight indeed. This filled him with pride and he thought he must be doing right whatever madness he fallen into.

Lunchtime it was and he had never experienced the passage of four hours in what felt like a few minutes. This manly transformation sure was dramatic as well as fun.

They were to eat lunch together at the college cafeteria. They always dined there and he had lessons there on being a gregarious person. First it's "the appearance, the style and everything else comes later" she had taught him.

But today he lead her to their table. And then he started to gobbledegook about his victory over the nurses and his superior medical knowledge, a smart nerd he was few hours ago now transformed into an unknown and unpleasant bloke. 

And he just wouldn't stop his gobbledegook for she had told him "an interesting person uses smart words at right places and will tell his interesting anecdotes of the day". How could one change so much in such a short span of time? She was thrilled and didn't seem to miss that little boy who had loved her so much. Now that he was a "man" did he still all the same worship her?

At the end of the day when he came back to his hostel room he was completely famished. Boy! Being a "man" surely took up a lot of energy. And he looked at his empty gel container and went to ask his friends if any one of them had gel left for tomorrow he needed to be what she wanted too.


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This is really nice. :)

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Thanks. Glad you read it. ^__^

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Neeraj Sinha said...

Really like it! (y)