Thursday, November 8, 2012

I got me a Brand New Header.

I had this header painted a week ago and I would proceed with it had my smart science-oriented boyfriend not pointed out that my 'diagram' is wrong.

What is so wrong in this cute digi-paint?

And he said, in his superior tone that my rainbow is scientifically incorrect. The red has to be on the outer side of the bow and then he jibber-jabbered on and on why is it that way and I listened perplexed, amazed and feeling dumb too.
He is extremely observant and fast. Good for me.                                           

                                                     pE@ce-dr. Diksha.


Anonymous said...

haha. Dr. Diksha, interesting post. Nice painting though scientifically incorrect as pointed out by your boyfriend. Extremely observant and fast may not be always good for you. Kidding. Happy weekend! Sometimes, it can be very irritating like I am in some of friends' eyes. :P

Diksha Chhetri said...

Yes you are right. Extremely observant and fast is not always good and can be sometimes annoying but that made me..if I say in urban terms LOL.
Happy weekend to you too. I shall be reading your blog. :D

RayBeamSun said...

I like the picture. :)

Diksha Chhetri said...

:)It's supposed to be significant.