Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The morning lessons.

I was seeing some of my videos and came across one of mine practicing tennis early in the morning. And since there has been many instances where I have lost all of my data I am going to upload this video here for safe keeping. (My children ought to see this).

But now I have developed a resentment for these sessions. Because it is giving my skin a lot of pigments especially over my nose and cheeks. Plus my acne gets aggravated by the sweat and then my skin tone looks uneven and I stare at the mirror all day and cry about it. Talk about girl problems! Someday I might hate tennis when I wrinkle a lot earlier than my contemporaries because I am ALWAYS out in the sun.
But if I don't play, I am going to sleep the entire morning and miss the morning classes. And I am going to be physically inactive leading to a lot of conditions that come along with it. I love tennis and I have been playing since I was in grade 5, but I didn't make much progress during the school years. It's just that I find lawn tennis awe fully a glamorous game!



Anonymous said...

You seem to be a very active in sports. Who is your favourite tennis player/? I don't play tennis but watch it quite a lot.

Diksha Chhetri said...

I do play quite a number of sports but since I have been to college I have been playing tennis ardently. My favs are Andy Roddick, Sharapova, Rafa, Federer, Djokovic, Ana Ivanovic, Vika, Andy Morray.. I love them all.

RayBeamSun said...

Who were you playing with? The video looks good. :)

Diksha Chhetri said...

With Aman sir of course. With Jay sir it would have been comment-hit-comment-hit. :D