Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Give Me a Break!

I want to stream down my activities and go back only to the ones that matter to me the most-at the moment! We will have the second professional exams on April, and all that I want to do is study. I had a plan. I will study 5 hours everyday or more. Five hours would be the minimum!
But how has it been in the last two weeks.
"Diksha you are in the batch team"- I am not a good sport woman honestly, but most of the people in my batch are the nerdy types, so I am the filler! SO I was in throw ball, dodge ball, tug of war, kho-kho (Indian game).  This year I didn't choose to enter in table tennis or badminton. These two games I play excellent, but all I wanted to do was read read read pathology and pharmacology.
I directed a movie. Hate to boast but it has turned up pretty well and I am so proud of it. It did take time. Writing the script, thinking of places, recruiting actors and taking multiple shots.
And the boyfriend who keeps going, "Be in this one with me." This ones include quizzes, treasure hunt, grafitti, paintings, tattoo design and almost everything. 
Give m a break.
I just want to study and play lawn tennis. Only those two for now. And I just want to study till my exams are over.
Also to add. I was playing guitar to myself late in the night when this girl comes up to me and asks me to perform in the rock band in the cultural program. I can play and sing Enchanted, so I am in for it. If the performance turns up good I might upload it on youtube. Haha.

Got to get ready now. After the grueling tennis session (where my coach said I should be going to Pune for All-India tennis match) I will now have to get ready for the Sports-Entertainment Quiz prelims and Treasure Hunt prelims-with my boyfriend of course!
Hate to boast but I have got selected for treasure hunt for the last 2 consecutive years where it requires extra IQ and that sixth sense. I hope I get selected this year too. (fingers crossed).

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