Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hectic hectic.

My week started off hectic! Oh it was just yesterday. But now I know I can manage a cheerful disposition even with just 2 hours of sleep and I can stay awake for 19 hours at a stretch! WOW!

I want to study. I want quietness and no activities. But my friends dragged me to play the match on Sunday. And then a senior of mine comes up to me and tells me that we "guys are so fashionable and trendy" that she would love to have some contributions from me. And the worst part is the dead line. That is tonight! So I have been running around looking for anything trendy out here. But I wanted the pictures to be fascinating enough to look at! So I took up to shooting pictures of other people. Dressing them up and making them pose. I don't know how it turned out. And taking pictures of clips and shoes and bags and key chains! I am glad it will be over tonight.

I started shooting for the movie under Putamen Productions ( I am going to change the name). It is not an easy task. Yes, it definitely is fun. The laugh that comes is so very natural and very long lasting! And with just one camera we have to do a numerous shoots from various angles! And of course a lot of goofs and plenty of retakes! And it's been fun shouting "CUT"!

After a hectic day I am about to snooze when my classmates come in and ask me to play guitar for their song! Oh yeah I am the only girl who plays guitar. I get all excited when people ask me to play guitar when they sing, but the snitch this time was that their performance is tomorrow and it would take my sensai a day to decode all the guitar codes, and take me 2 days to pick it up and 2 more days to master it! But my classmates said that the song they chose had no karaokes available and the piano codes they got was cacophonous! And that I was their only last hope available. I told them (in a way that doctors deliver bad news to the relatives and says in a way as to not raise their hopes too much and not to crush their spirits so bad) that let them audition and of they get selected I would play in the final day, which is after a week or so.

A lot more. I better sleep now. 

I am just angry I missed Pathology practicals today. Angry at myself for mismanaged timing. I was glad I missed Forensic medicine, but Pathology practicals..   :'(

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