Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Karte Blanche 2012.

Karte Blanche means a blank chart in god knows which language. In my college this two words refer to the annual fest that occurs on February. It was an upbeat week full of activities and yeah a lot of my sleep sacrifices and balancing to study and participate. I will admit I missed many a day of studying. I want to scream and then kick in the air. I have done all that.
But the fest was grand and I would upload a lot of photographs on FB and here had my laptop not been doused by water in an affectionate battling between me and 2 of my friends. And my laptop now refuses to switch on. It's like my laptop is pissed off with me. I have spilled Horlicks on it once and several drinks several times.

The movies we produced won 2nd and 3rd prices. Wonderful. I would upload it too had my laptop not shown such obstinacy to stay shut!
I must upload the photographs I have taken for I am a good if not excellent photographer.

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