Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sundays are for sleeping!

Now I have woken up feeling like I have had a bad hang over. I am an absolute teetotaler.I think a hang over feels like a dull head ache and heavy eyes and nauseating feeling. that's how I am feeling right now! This morning started with a game of kho-kho. An Indian game which is played because of the fact that anyone who can run an play good enough.

I had picnic with my Bhutanese friends today for the upcoming Bhutanese new year-the losar! And I completely missed it because by the time I came back from the match it was a bit too late to go and my muscles send out distressing signals telling me to stop torturing them. If you think being a medic and all so ambitious and enthusiastic is easy- and maintaining good health and good mind is as easy, and not to forget a cute boyfriend who demands a lot of your time, prepare yourself for a very tiring lifestyle.
Yesterday I experienced a bout of hypoglycaemic shock right after the game- that is when the glucose level in my body goes beyond the least amount and my body demands attention! Also I have been obeying my dear tennis coach sincerely too much. 10 rounds running means 10 rounds! I do that now that I realize that I must strengthen my stamina when I am scaling Mt. Everest! So much for trying to be excellent at everything.
I sleep at 4 and wake up at 6 AM. Oh don't be alarmed. Of course I am not a freak who can manage with 2-3 hours of sleep! I sleep at the day time because right now we don't have clinical duty to attend to since we have exams 2 months later and we are given extra time to memorize on that precious Robbins and Cotrans and all that autopsy shit!

And oh dear my need for looking great everyday, and a knack for updating with latest everything keeps me battling between sleeping and keeping awake all the time. 
I missed a fun day out and I don't know how I feel. I know it's not a pleasant feeling. And I so didn't appreciate the way the MBBS students viewed the nursing students as. I know they are from the lower income part of the society and haven't been rubbed off their edges for good manners and they comment foul about us- but why should we describe them as horrific barbaric wild lassies with a super strength and agility but tiny brains! So much for the feeling of solidarity among fellow nursing inmates. We would be working with them full on. So why disgrace them now just because they do so to us too.

And right now I see updates on Facebook from my Bhutanese friends on the picnic. Probably the best time they had. But it is a Sunday and I wanted to savour it as much as I could before I delve myself into another week full of activities. Well I am medical student. If I don't make sacrifices I am not not all worthy of being a medico!

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