Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Kim Jong Il dead. Now what.

Kim Jong Il dead. Now what.

What next? Honestly I am telling you North Korea scares me. Scares me to the core. When you say North Korea a grey scale image of fat middle aged North Korean politicians flash in my mind. And then comes in the flood of the mid 1900s which left them devastated with very little arable and available land. I picture tiny Koreans half dipped in muddy water and the nuclear plants they have kept us all terrorized about.My evil side sniggers at it and says to itself "Thats' what come for trying to be so superior". But I think of the civilians. So tangled up with the militarized nation. I have this strong feeling that all that strong LOVE they have for their nation is all out of fear and presentiment!  Short by nearly inches from their cousins in the south because of malnutrition and impoverishment yet they display an altruistic vigilance for their nation. Are they even allowed to be happy? Generally, "chinky's" are supposed to be short ( So Kim Il Jong why would you want to shorten your already short civilians, unless he fancied "chinky dwarves). Don't call me a racist, I have tiny chinky eyes myself.

And then when a guy you are playing tennis with askes you "Are you from North Korea or South Korea?"- it's time you slap the guy right away. BUt ofcourse the sensible me didn't do so. Though I badly wished I had. North Koreans-do they even travel? I am sorry late Mr. Kim, but your dwarf specimen are hardly known in the real world. And even if we know one we are afraid to socialize. You might drop the nuclear bomb on our heads anytime.
But condolencses I offer to you Mr. Kim. You wanted to establish a nation uninfluenced by the USA. Not like your southern cousin South Korea trying to make their music sound like "Yeah it's a party in the U.S.A". Respect for you but maybe you went a little out of the way. Because now you have created dwarfs. Your southern cousins are yes growing tall like the tall Americans. And maybe blonde too. The next time we meet them let's say GOODBYE instead of ANYONG!

All the while it is a good drama. Making it a movie, the USA can be the tall blonde guy and the Koreas can be two sisters. North Korea gets the elder sister role, heartless and invincible. South Korea can be the cheery flowery younger sister. Mr. USA falls for the younger sister and this outrages the elder sister. Quite a drama! 

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