Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Year Ends.

2011 is few hours from ending forever. Never again is it going to comeback.
Here is a brief anamnesis of what I was upto in 2011. (Lucky day today I logged into and the word of the day is ANAMNESIS. I had never heard of this word before ever in my life).Just highlighting some events of 2011.

JANUARY- Regular classes and regular tennis session. My clinical classes went on well and I enjoyed surgery postings and gynaecology postings. And observed the Indians celebrate their 62nd Republic Day with pomp and prestige.

FEBRUARY- My attendance was fine. But my clinical attendance was super fine. :D

MARCH- Annual fest Karta Blanche in my college which was fantastic this year because I was actively involved in most of the events. And also I performed on-stage with my Bhutanese friends on Korean remixes by WONDER GIRLS.

APRIL- My third semester exams went well. I had prepared hard for it and my results were great. My boyfriends' results were as good too.

MAY- Summer break starting mid-May. Back home in Thimphu, Bhutan and I took guitar classes in KILU music school along with a bunch of 6th graders. And I met my wonderful mentor Mr. Samten who is a genius with musical instruments. I developed love for music and playing in groups.

JUNE- The summer break was memorable. End of June I went to Sri-Lanka to meet my sister. Sri-Lanka truly is the pearl of the Indian ocean. I met a lot of Bhutanese people living on the island. I had a great week with my sister and her boy friend. They are really wonderful people there. I improved my photograph skills drastically. Maybe it was my phone Nokia n8.

JULY- Back to college. I had missed a week of my classes. Tennis session was irregular because the rainfall made the court wet always.

AUGUST- I went on a wonderful vacation with my family in the archipelago of Andaman. It was a great week. And I took plenty of photographs and many people appreciated my photographs. :D

SEPTEMBER- The month started with my birthday party. 

OCTOBER- Festival month in India. Dashera and Diwali. Most of my Indian friends left for home. We the Bhutanese decided to hit the beach side. We had awesome time at the Puri beach. And then fourth semester exams.I didn't have enough time to prepare. But I personally think my results were the worst. I failed badly.

NOVEMBER- Back to regular tennis session. I quit from playing at the tournament because of self-doubt. I regret that. I am not going to back out next year. Therefore to make myself feel not so low, I decided to join in successful ventures like the blood donation campaign

DECEMBER- World AIDS day at my college. And the Gynecology conference where I played guitar for a Hindi song. Supposedly we have all-girl band now, which raises my coolness level from down there to up here. And the Indian Science Congress supposedly will one of the biggest events and we are preparing for it. 

All in all, 2011 was a fantastic year.

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