Sunday, December 11, 2011

This Week....

This week was like any other week, but I am writing about it because of the delicious pasta that we made all by ourselves in the hostel. And the other reason is now I am a member of girl musical band.
I had the Italio de Pazzta since I last visited Anniesha(my sister) in Sri Lanka. I finally decided it was time we eat it up because I finished up my noodle supply. As a Bhutanese here the food of Orissa, India-HOSTEL is a little too bland for me. Therefore we equip ourselves with whatever packaged food we can transport.
So I ripped off that packet and out came the lovely multi-coloured pasta. After getting instructions from Arunima's mom we set to cook a delicious pasta. Yummy!
Soaking it up with water, oil and salt.

And lots and lots of tomatoes.
The cheesy milky paste and tomatoes :D

Appetizing, isn't it?

The combination of chilli chicken with pasta was scrumptious. It has now sparked an interest in cooking and I just can't wait to get back home and raid my kitchen.
And what more can be more delectable than belonging to a cool all-girl band. Yes. 
Vocalists- Madhurima Roy and Maneesha Sabat.
Guitarist- ME of course.
Casio- Sandeepta Dalal.

We are rocking, but we chose quite an unheard hindi song titled "Iman ka asar". It is melodious I will say but I was not really sure if it would enrapture the audience. Not that I want to enrapture them, but at least not be said that we sounded bad.  We practiced pretty hard. The skin on my finger tips well firstly became paper thin and sensitive. And right after that there was this magical proliferation of skin and so it has thickened to become stiff and insensitive.  That's why I always say "Nothing comes without a price". Therefore you have to make sure how much you are willing to pay and if it is worth investing on or not!

Oh did I forget to mention where we were performing? We were going to perform for renowned gynecologists from India and other countries who were here for AGOICON-2011 (Association of gynocologic oncologists of India). Graying old people would dominate the crowd for doctors are not revered as long they are young. Sad but true.

Here are some clips. 

Sorry, but I can't stop uploading. They are good pictures... Don't go yet.
Thank You for Reading.

And the night closed with a wonderful dinner at the banquet hall. I was surprised to get good reviews from some of the senior doctors present at the dinner. They described us as "talented musicians" (grins much).

Now I feel hungry writing about the pasta and thinking of the dinner.

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