Friday, December 30, 2011

Stones and Stones.

As the Indian Science Congress is drawing nearer, my campus has undergone dramatic transformation. New paved roads, paint jobs on dull buildings, cleaner streets and blossoming gardens to name a few.

So a few Nobel laureates going to be here. I so hope Barry Marshall is one of them. I am not a big fan of his really. I didn't even know who he is , till I read about Helicobacter pylori infection in chronic gastritis and his demonstrations from my Pathology textbook. So I googled about him and turns out he is still alive and well won the Nobel prize. Therefore, I hope he visits here.
Today was the day we were to meet at the School of Fashion. I had never been inside the building. They have lines of models clothed in their designed garments in the corridors. How cool is that. 
I shouldn't have gone at the said time. I should have known they always turn up late. The coordinator turned up an hour late. In the mean time I made new friends. 
It has been a busy day today. I kind of miss my boyfriend even though we spent the whole day together yesterday. And he is stuck up in his own registration line. While I have to showcase the culture, art and craft of this state. Oh dear lord do grace upon me. I am a foreigner to India myself.
Later in the evening a wonderful person gave us his time. He is the one involved in beautifying the campus. Geez I couldn't catch his name except that he has world wide acclaim. I would mention more about him tomorrow. 
His lecture was very philosophical. Stone has known mankind long before and it has seen every development brought about by man. The stones can speak to you if you try to. They have gender too. And the sculptures that people make pay tribute not only to the subject but to the stone itself too.
Wow. It felt good. The wind was cool. It was about time the sun left for the other side of the world and we were outdoors sitting on stones shaped in semicircle and in the centre more stone sculpture from where water dripped creating a constant ripple on the reflecting surface of the water body.
Tomorrow we are going to set up the art gallery. Excited about it. I have so got to join the art club here.

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