Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Pup In My Hostel Room.

TJ ( a Bhutanese guy) handed me his pet dog so that I would take care of it. I was thrilled by the idea of hiding a pup in my room and secretly taking her out for walks and feeding it pup food.
He told me it's a bull dog, so I was even more thrilled. I had never really fondled a bull dog pup before.
So when he handed me the pup in a big black bag of his I was literally trembling with excitement.
And when I opened the bag, out came a normal white, brownish pup. I know a lot of dog breeds but I didn't know how to classify her. A free-ranging dog or most would called a stray.

But I have often wondered why do we classify dogs. They belong to the same genera, same species. Canis lupus familiaris. And yet so many different breeds based on their appearance- some exotic like the Saluki, some highly coveted like the German shepherd, some adored like the Pomeranian. 
If we classify the dogs and differentiate them then it becomes likewise easy for humans to differentiate humans and treat them accordingly. We are of the same genera, same species too- Homo sapiens sapiens! So should we go around differenting ourselves on how we look? 
Every one of us are special, and so is every dog. Let's not discriminate people on how they look and let's adore every dog!
Let the purpose of classification strictly remain for education and research purpose and NOT for discriminating!
Let us not create hierarchical classification amongst people and amongst any living creature.

I thank my friends for loving the her while she was here and especially roommate for bearing it with me.  The poop session was the worst. She would poop anytime and under the cupboard. But she had taken de-worming and was giving out pin-worms out of her butt. I had to return her right the next day and Acho UT has taken her for now.

Here are here varying names.
For me------===--- Ponyo.
For TJ----------- Nicholayta.
For Chuni and Karso--Lucy.
For acho UT------ Bob Marley.

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