Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Prime Minister of India.

India is a huge democratic nation. It means the same political ruler doesn't preside over a nation for much long. Not long enough to earn genuine respect or enough. In Bhutan the King is above all the KING! He is at the top and we mean it from our heart genuinely. Here in India the political leaders have to stand up to the public's incessant demands and satisfy maximum as possible. And yet they face the torment of angry citizens. After all it's impossible to please EVERYONE! The King whereas has the easy task of grooming himself and appearing all shiny and handsome. That really does seem to grab peoples attention and media coverage. The matter in India is very clogged up and difficult to explain. Powerful Italian woman, turbaned guy, cricket stars, Bollywood kings or fasting oldies influence a lot of what people think and do.
But today people who love the very Dr. Manmohan Singh the PM of India, people who admire him, people who loathe him, or don't really respect him- every one of us were thrilled by the news of his visit. 
It was a grand setting here. And there he finally came in a blue turban this man clad in shiny Indian looking tunic overcoat. The award ceremony as fantastic.
I was overall thrilled to have him in our university. I was sitting just a mere 50 m away from him since the media like NDTV, Z News(:P) occupied the area. So of course it was broadcasted on NDTV that would obviously mean worldwide of course. NDTV is the only good news channel of India. Trust me.
I mean who would cover up a story on a trapped rat inside the manhole with all the camera and news crews. I say I would just shut the manhole up and tune into NDTV. (I am targetting news channels like INDIA-NEWS, Z-NEWS and STAR-NEWS).

P.S. I got a photograph of either only him or only me and NOT of us in one picture.
I guess I will have to showcase my photoshop skills. 

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