Monday, January 9, 2012

99th Indian Science Congress.

It has been a beautiful week. The beginning of 2012 has been so very eventful, now I am afraid the rest of the year might seem plain if nothing special goes on happening. Therefore fingers crossed I am going to make this year a total success too. Everyday is about bettering myself and being in a university which never stays behind the lights throughout I am hoping for more fun and experiences.
The 99th Indian Science Congress was inaugurated by the prime minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh. When I saw him with my own eyes I had to pinch myself in order to know I was not dreaming.

The next day APJ Abdul Kalam delivered his wonderful speech we were all replenished with newer, healthier energy. His elocution is faultless, so full of heart and inspiration. He inaugurated the Children Science Congress, so you can expect his nature. He made us repeat motivating phrases like "I will fly, I will fly-will you". And he reminded us with fervor that all of us are born with potential. And IMAGINATION is the beginning of CREATION. How very wonderful. At the end of his long speech we all felt that we could do wonders if we-
1. Have great aim (because he said that small aim is a crime).
2.Work hard,
3.Perseverance-Keep trying on.

SMALL AIM IS A CRIME. How ironic it sounds coming from a small man. But I will keep these words in my mind. How very deeply it has touched me. I am so very motivated and inspired. When he asked for 10 people to question him and then he gave the 15,000 of us his e-mail address we were all super thrilled. :D

The weeks after were total blast. Exhausting were the days but the experience gained will always shine on. 
I was in Orissa Mandap department. We had to put up the gallery and stalls so that the delegates would get the feel of Orissa. 
This state has incredible sand sculpture makers. If you go visit Puri beach, the place is bound to be crafted with breath-taking sand sculptures. Therefore a big sand sculpture of Konark Sun temple was made in the ground. It was certainly a grand attraction that made everyone of us wonder in amazement at how sand can hold onto such beautiful shapes!
Trust me- That sand maiden is as big as a normal adult human is. Therefore you can estimate the real size of the sand sculpture! Marvellous, isn't it? 

The science exhibition has people from all of the 29 states of India displaying their projects along with big companies pouring out their money into getting a small space for their own experimentation and exhibition of their projects.

There was a Q and A session in the very presence of Nobel laureate Richard R. Earnst. I am so very lucky to have been at the right place at the right time. I am telling 'lucky" because my university is so big and there were just 8 Nobel laureates and they would only be in certain places at certain times. So it is only a matter of chance that I happened to be where he was. The feeling of triumph I got then I will never forget it. There he sat few feet away from me telling his wonderful,incredible, amazing way of life. 
One thing I need to write is that when a kid asked him why the hair turns grey, his reply was "That's a very difficult question!".
The medical students present there, also students from other branches were disappointed. Being a nobel laureate doesn't mean you know everything! It means he knows EVERYTHING of One thing! :) He was sooo soooo sooooo amazing. I swear I wouldn't react this way to a movie celebrity. APJ Abdul Kalam and then Richard R. Earnst. WHAT A START TO 2012~~~
 That wheel was the prizes distributed to the project winners. Richard R. Earnst said, "The wheel itself symbolizes the very beginning of human civilization. It was our first invention." I took this photograph. OH GOSH! I hate the media, they think only they have the rights to take pictures and write stories. They rush forward and block our views and start their criticism. 

Many programs went on simultaneously. The medical students of my batch attended the planery session on cancer stem cells. We were just excited about it. Excited because we all know stem cells hold the future. There are so many possibilities and theories on these cells. These people were all the way from USA (you see 3 Indians, a white woman and an Asian woman). Indians they reach every part of the globe and conquer the world of academics. That's amazing about them.
The researchers for stem cells....

There were several planery sessions on all aspects of sciences-medical, mechanical, engineering, technology....everything. 
Rolf M. Zingernackel-Nobel laureate 1996

The cultural program was a grand success. It was held everyday from 4-6 PM at the amphitheater, and from 6-9 PM at the big hall which can accommodate 19,000 people at a time.And everyday was a house full. Major dance groups like PRINCE (winners of TV show INDIA'S GOT TALENT) and Harihar Das enlivened the show. Professionals performed classical Indian dances. I enjoy classical dances a lot. Many KIIT students performed brilliantly on the stage too.
PRINCE- Winner of Dance India Dance- TV show.
The woman science congress was inaugurated by Mrs. Nirupama Rao. She is the ambassador of India to United States. There were speeches on woman empowerment and how females can alleviate the society.

Apart from all of these, I am very glad despite having missed seeing 6 other Nobel laureates. But the delegates here were no less than the Nobel laureates themselves. I am so glad I am a part of this. And the college has seen dramatic changes. Me and my friends enjoyed a lot. The delegates were impressed by the university. Being a private college and just so young the founder has ensured that it holds fast to the times and everybody was in appreciation of the infrastructures, standard and hospitality.  I have made so many new friends from different branches. Now I am popular, not that I never was. 
So I guess henceforth the qualification and rank of the university has been alleviated a lot since so many dignitaries loved the university. I am happy. 

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The great scientist is all I wish to meet from the entire India. You are blessed to have met him. :-) Liked your post. Thanks for sharing. Have a nice day.