Saturday, January 28, 2012

The 63rd Republic Day.

A foggy morning it was when my boyfriend calls me up asks me to come to the 'ground'. I wasn't taking part in anything, least was I even an Indian to celebrate this day. But my boyfriend is and he wanted me to take pictures. I had slept at 4 AM and he was calling me at 7!
With heavy eyes I get ready and luckily reach there by 8 AM. I was the only Bhutanese and I had a big camera with me which drew a lot of unnecessary attention. But nevertheless the day turned up very good....

The fog was dense blurring the vision even at a short distance. So I tried adjusting the camera. I wanted vibrant image with fog in the background.  This is how it turned out. 

When its the Republic day a special chief guest is invited every year in India based on diplomatical maintenance of relationship between the nations. The Bhutanese government has been invited thrice for the occasion. This year the Thailand PM Yinluck Shinawatra was invited. 
Whereas here in my college a lot of renowned people visit and go. The chief guest of the day was the noted Indian author Ruskin Bond. He is of British origin. I racked my brain to remember having read anything written by him and then the by-gone days of grade 10 flooded  into my mind. I have read "The Eyes Have It". It's sad I haven't read any other books by him. Next time I hit the bookstore I am going buy his books.
Carrying the big camera in hand I took his pictures a lot of them, but I was afraid to try the manual settings and therefore stuck to auto settings. 

The parade session followed. Most of the performances were about Woman Empowerment (the same theme as the 99th Indian Science Congress).
Fog disappeared and bright hot sun instead filled the sky. And I mean filled! 

Today I walk around I hear people especially boys shouting "Camera Woman". Oh well. I will have to live with the new name but honestly my photographs aren't as good as I want it to be.

Tomorrow I am attending an Indian wedding. I am so very excited because this is the very first wedding I am attending excluding the wedding that Seeksha and I broke into when I was in Thimphu.

Life is good.


The Angry Medic said...

Ruskin Bond is INDIAN?!


Also, great pictures. I take pictures like a monkey with Parkinson's, so I know a good pic when I see it. Keep it up!

Diksha Chhetri said...

Thank you for the accolade on my pictures.
Yes he is of British origin but he has lived in India so he is 'Indian'.

Funny you describe yourself as a monkey. :D