Saturday, January 21, 2012

The trouble today.

I live in a hostel.
Hate it or like it, you have to live it- and live it thoroughly.

Today I was washing my cooker at lunch time. Smruti P Mishra is this girl who stays adjacent to my room. We are great friends and she is one person you will never like to get angry at because she is such a darling.
But then she came from behind and did the fake vampire thingy and I warned I would douse her with water if she continued. And like always she did continue and just like always I kept my words and squeezed the saturated washing sponge on her and her head was wet with soapy water.

Every action has equal and opposite reaction. But among my group friends it goes like "every action has far greater reaction."

And so she took a big container full of water and chased me around. I ran my best. I ran throughout the entire ground floor of this hostel with the washing sponge. I know I looked ridiculous.
Then I retreated to this girls room which was open at that time. I crawled into her blanket and kept a laptop over me. So Smruti was helpless regarding throwing water at me.

But then lunch time was getting over. It was about to be 2 PM, time for another class. Smruti was determined at getting her revenge. Then she left after a long long time. I crept out of the blanket slowly and went towards my room and wham she was there standing there. And splash! She doused me with water and my whole body was wet. 

I had to change and go to class.
But that's not the full story.

Later in the evening I am sitting in my room and Swati comes to me and hands me a water balloon. She was like my 11th hour Samaritan and I took the balloon and planned on getting back at Smruti.
And when Smruti was standing oblivious to the surrounding I atacked from behind and took my best shot and the balloon hit the nape of her neck. 
It would have been perfect had the balloon not rebounded and fallen somewhere. I go to grab the balloon as quickly as I can and launch another attack. And I hit. This time the balloon goes past her and splash! 

Hits the door of the very recluse people who live in my block. The water over flows and wets the floor and enters their room from the gap underneath the door. And by recluse I mean we don't get along with those two people very well. They are kind of reserved and spend their times all by themselves and give an uncomfortable scary atmosphere when they are around. And we have had been having lots of troubles with them in the past.

Smruti shouts. I run frantically around and then decided I would admit I hit the water balloon at their door. But to our fortuitous luck their room was locked and no one was there.
So we decide to leave the whole thing behind and end our 'vengeance" at least for today.

They came back and complained to the lady at the reception. They come around investigating! Oh my god. I admit I was afraid for a bit. It is a rare feeling. I was afraid that because of me my friends might get int trouble. I threw the water balloon. That lady questioned every one of my friend, except me. :D

Because I am so nice.

Now they have gone back without any one to blame at and god knows what they are thinking behind that locked wet door. I am scared honestly.
But it was so much fun. We all had a good laugh.  :D

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